Skull Sesssion: Buckeye Fan Trolls Jim Harbaugh's Rap Video, Eddie George the Yogi, and Eying Cincinnati Joining the Big 12

By D.J. Byrnes on July 21, 2016 at 4:59 am
Billy Price is ready to do heavy lifting for the July 21st 2016 Skull Sessions

One more day before Friday Night Lights, Ohio State's annual recruiting blowout at the Shoe. We're almost to the promised land, friends.

 THAT'S DELICIOUS. Jim Harbaugh produced a rap video this week, which I didn't watch because I'm over his antics unless they involve police confiscating enough cocaine to kill a horse. No, I'm not linking it.

Apparently, there's a part where he looks into the camera like a serial killer and shouts his catchphrase, "Who's got it better than us!?"

Ohio patriot @BuckeyeVideos answered the call. As it turns out, a lot of people have it better than Michigan at the moment.

The best part about that video is there's no possible Wolverine rebuttal besides, "Jim Harbaugh lost a Super Bowl and had a better NFL record than Nick Saban!"

 YOGI EDDIE GEORGE. Eddie George walks around like he could still go for two fish in a Big Ten game, and it has a lot do with his rigorous yoga regimen perfected over 18 years.


"I have to continue to do yoga," George says. "If I stop, I notice a huge difference in just a couple weeks. I'll be much tighter when I get out of bed, my joints will be stiff and sore, and there'll be inflammation in areas where I've experienced injuries. It's a huge difference."

Another thing that keeps George coming back to his mat is the continuing challenge of yoga practice. Even after 18 years, he still has a lot to learn. He says, "I'm not an expert and I can't get into every pose. I have my limitations, but that's what yoga's all about."

George practices yoga twice a week, mixing up the specific routine he performs regularly. When he wants a strength workout, he turns to more powerful forms with a lot of flow. On other days, when he wants to relax and refocus, he does Kundalini yoga, a discipline that focuses heavily on breathing and meditation. It all depends on how he feels on a given day.

My friend who sits at a desk during work recently took up yoga. Besides looking like an idiot the first day, he raves what it's done for his back and hip muscles. 

It's also probably is the reason Eddie George will live to be 400.

 CINCY JOINING THE MAJORS: A THREAT? The Big 12 will be expanding in the future. BYU seems like a lock to join, as does Houston. 

On the second tier, there are worse candidates than Cincinnati, which has always pined for a seat at the big boys table. This could be its last chance to make that move.

If it does earn the invite, what kind of threat would it pose to Ohio State's superiority in the state?


Ohio State is 14-2 all time against Cincinnati, and those two losses took place in 1896 and 1897. The two teams have played five times since the 1940s, and while Ohio State has won all of them, they’ve still had to work. The Bearcats made Ohio State sweat for portions of the game in 2014, before eventually falling 50-28. In 2002, another year Ohio State won a national championship, the Buckeyes were fortunate to escape Paul Brown Stadium win a victory, squeaking by, 23-19. The two teams are scheduled to play one more in the future, in Columbus in 2019.

Even though the Cincinnati region is where Ohio State is probably the weakest when it comes to in-state recruiting, it seems unlikely that the Bearcats would pose too much of a head to head threat to Ohio State in recruiting battles. There’s Power 5 precedent for that sort of arrangement. Iowa State rarely beats Iowa for recruits. Georgia Tech seldom grabs kids the Bulldogs want. Tennessee typically beats Vanderbilt for kids. That’s probably not the concern.

But with extra money, visibility and prestige, there’s reason to think Cincinnati could start beating other Big Ten programs, like Michigan State, Nebraska, Wisconsin or Minnesota, for players in Ohio. It could also potentially give other Big 12 programs, like Iowa State, West Virginia, or even others, an excuse to try and recruit Ohio more. Both of those scenarios have the potential to have a roundabout negative impact on Ohio State.

I agree with all of that, and I'd rather see Ohio kids play in Ohio, even if it's outside the Big Ten. It could also set up an annual out-of-conference banger between OSU and UC.

I detest the Bearcats, but I hope they get in. They'll never be a threat to Ohio State's in-state dominance, though it would be cool to see the state retain two Power 5 conference championships. A playoff matchup would be lit, too.

 WATERS CASE DISMISSED. It would appear fired band director Jon Waters is running out of legal bullets in his case against Ohio State.


The Ohio Court of Claims on Tuesday ruled that Ohio State University did not defame former marching-band director Jonathan Waters when it fired him in July 2014 for failing to adequately address a "sexualized culture" in the nationally known band program.

The decision dismisses Waters' defamation suit but it doesn't end his legal actions against the university. A separate lawsuit, alleging that he didn't receive due process in his firing and suffered gender discrimination, remains in federal court.

Waters is working at Heidelberg in the meantime. 

 HERMAN WANTS NEWSPAPERS. Pete Mundo of reported last week MENSA founder and Houston coach Tom Herman met with Baylor about its football vacancy. Though Mundo later clarified it was Herman's agent that met with Baylor, Colt Barber of confirmed dialogue between the two camps.

While it wouldn't make sense for Herman to move to Baylor, it would make sense to listen to any potential job offer financed by desperate rich people, if only to set the market for the next pay raise when Herman once again passes expectations.

Herman, however, was not pleased about having to interrupt vacation time to dispel internet reports.


“Remember back in the day when we used to have newspapers?” Herman said. “We used to have real reporters. They used to care about their relationships with people. I remember there was a section in the newspaper every day, retractions and omissions, right? Where is that button on Twitter?

“I have so much more respect for someone when they say ‘I was wrong, I admit I was wrong. I apologize for being wrong. I’ll do a better job next time so I get it right.’ Great. Shake hands and let’s move on.

“But when guys are wrong and egregiously wrong and still defend their wrongness, that’s when I have a problem.”

I too yearn for newspapers, back when reporters reported the news:

Dewey defeats truman
And for the record: My cats whip me 30 times for every mistake I make.

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