Skull Session: A Possible Leather Helmet Look, John Bosa's Testimony, and Greg Schiano Preaches Education to the Youth

By D.J. Byrnes on June 7, 2016 at 4:59 am
Cam Burrows, Billy Price, and Craig Fada linked up for the June 7th 2016 Skull Session

June 7, 2016: The offseason death march trundles forward....

 A LEATHER HELMET LOOK? It's official, Ohio State will wear its 1916 throwbacks during one game this fall. Some say the look is good, others say it is bad. Regardless, Nike will profit on it as it does every other alternate jersey. 

If it were a true throwback to 1916, Ohio State would don leather helmets, but the game got more fierce in those 100 years. It doesn't mean the leather helmet look can't be replicated.


While the helmet has not yet been released, a source tells us that Hydro Graphics Inc. — the company that produced Ohio State’s chrome lid — is working on a ‘leather’ helmet.

Other teams have tried this, and the results are probably why the helmet wasn't included in the leaked picture. It sounds better in theory than execution:

My advice to Hydro Graphics: Burn all the designs. The concept is bad and too easy to Crying Jordan. Ohio State should rock its normal helmets, which objectively remain the most regal in CFB.

 BOSA'S TESTIMONY. Urban Meyer's message to recruits is one of testimony, not theory. When he saunters into their parents' homes, he doesn't do so with gimmicks.

For example, Joey Bosa came to Ohio State as a four-star recruit (a bit underrated, in retrospect!) and left as the No. 3 overall pick in the 2016 draft. Things like that mattered during the recruitment of 2016 five-star DE Nick Bosa:

Since arriving in Columbus, Meyer's players have been drafted at every position except kicker and punter... and he won a national championship. That's a #brand hard to beat, and a large reason why OSU retains the top 2017 recruiting class at the moment.

 SCHIANO PREACHES EDUCATION. Ohio State hosted its youth camp yesterday, which gave us such visuals as Raekwon McMillan the quarterback.

It also gave us Greg Schiano, education activist:

Ah, the delusion of youth. Fast forward 10 years and 98% of those kids will come to the same realization I did: I'm not going pro in this, so why am I wasting my time getting screamed at by a middle-aged man? (No, I can't believe I'm not in the NFL either.)

Education is an important message, but in my experience, you might as well be shouting about the perils of too much sugar in a diet. Kids that understand the importance of education don't need to be told, and kids that don't understand won't listen.

Judging from this video, however, Schiano's intensity didn't diminish in his two years away from coaching.

 ZEKE'S UNIQUE PICK-UP LINE. Ezekiel Elliott continues his quest to become the Dallas Cowboys' opening day starter, but one enterprising reporter hit him with a tough after-practice question.


Q: If you’re out [here in LA] and you run across a beautiful lady, what kind of pick up line would you drop on them?

Elliott: “Hey look, I’m focused right now. I’m not worried about the ladies. I’m worried about getting my head in this playbook and getting ready to play.”

I would try this line at a bar for research purposes, but my girlfriend would flay me and use my skin as a blanket for research purposes. I don't see the line working, though the young and athletic millionaire's game is probably stronger than the decrepit and balding blogger's.

 INFINITE CARDALE. This is my new favorite Twitter account:

Cardale Jones would've killed some late 19th-century stiff and I'm not talking in the comedic sense. Hundreds would've died just like this Wisconsin DB (peace be upon him):

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