Monday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on August 24, 2015 at 4:59 am

After this, there's only one more Monday Skull Session to go before we're all sipping that sweet, illicit FourLoko nectar.

Ohio State has open practice and interviews later today too, so that's nice.

ICYMI: The Battlin' Buckeyes became the first preseason unanimous No. 1 in AP Top 25 history. (Go ahead and hang that banner in the WHAC, Urban.)

THE RETURN OF THE SILVER BULLETS. As I've noted before: As much as the offense raised its game in the postseason, the defense matched it. 

It's a trend the defense is looking to continue.


“We were trying to restore and rebuild confidence in the players that there’s a certain way to play defense at Ohio State,” Ash said, “and we were, basically, trying to reteach them, to redo the culture here to get it done. It was a slow process, but it was a process that got headed in the right direction based on how we did late in the season.”

The Buckeyes believe that the confidence gained from last year’s success will provide a springboard into this season. With so many starters returning — defensive linemen Joey Bosa and Adolphus Washington, linebackers Joshua Perry and Darron Lee, defensive backs Eli Apple, Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell — expectations couldn’t be much higher.

Perry says the defense’s success will depend on selflessness. The Silver Bullets designation has to be re-earned.

The offense will always overshadow the defense, but Ohio State's championship hopes rest on the defense. For proof of that, look no further than the results of the 2013 and the 2014 campaigns. 

To me, it will start up front. The interior line is the only "question mark" on the team to me.

If Tommy Schutt brings consistency to his play and Adolphus Washington continues his ascension, then the Bullets will be fine. However, things could get interesting if Adolphus suffers an injury or Schutt isn't ready for that next level. 

WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG. One way to avoid getting into trouble is to avoid committing crimes. Another way is to enlist a "fall guy" into the entourage.

Cris Carter was a believer of the latter method, as evidenced by an incriminating 2014 rookie symposium video the NFL inexplicably still had on its website.

It didn't take long for Carter to reverse course

Of course, the NFL — a pious organization — hopped into the shaming act, via

This was an unfortunate and inappropriate comment made by Cris Carter during the 2014 NFC Rookie Symposium. The comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. The league’s player engagement staff immediately expressed concern about the comment to Cris. The comment was not repeated in the 2014 AFC session or this year’s symposium.

I thought the fall guy was the first guy christened into an entourage, but then again, I've never had an entourage.

NOOOOO. Despite One Direction breaking up shortly after defiling the Horseshoe, there will be more bad music brought into the stadium we all know and love because bad music makes money.


Ohio State benefited as well. Though [Associate Vice President of University and Business Advancement, Xan] Riggs, would not specify university financials related to the Superfest and One Direction shows because of proprietary contracts, he said the university finished the summer with a profit from three shows together. Ohio State made about $600,000 on the Rolling Stones show, putting that windfall toward one-off expenses such as athletics building maintenance.

And Riggs said the three promoters were pleased with the 'Shoe as a concert venue.

That’s important as event officials begin hunting for two shows to fill next summer’s schedule, next to Buckeye Country Superfest, which returns as part of a multiyear agreement.

The Rolling Corpses Stones, Kid Rock, a smorgasbord of shitty country music, and One Direction... and somehow the Horseshoe still stands. It is truly one of the greatest wonders of civilization. 

JAQUAN LYLE POWERING UP. JaQuan Lyle is the heir to Patient 0's throne, and while expectations for Lyle aren't as high as they were for Russell, Lyle is still coming for that No. 1 spot.


Regarded as a passer who has a knack for finding unseen passing lanes and a crossover dribble leading to step-back jump shots, Lyle has strived to developed a more consistent jumper overall.

“I’m a better decision-maker and a lot quicker and faster and have better footwork,” Lyle said. “I’m definitely more explosive. I was athletic, but never the best athlete I could be. I lost 20 pounds and am much more athletic.”

He hopes to play “a lot of big-time minutes” for Ohio State and eventually advance to the NBA.

I've read Lyle carried some bad weight at times in high school. If he can keep it off, then that should bode well for the men's basketball team. If Lyle performs to his potential then Ohio State should find themselves dancing in March.

STAY FROSTY, YOU SWEET AND NAIVE FRESHMEN. My friend once parked behind 1824 Summit (the greatest off-campus house, not up for debate) and accidentally left his backpack in his car when he went inside to dine on his Caniac. When he came out 15 minutes later, his window was shattered and his bookbag (including books and a laptop) were gone.

It was like 3 p.m. on a Sunday.


“You see people leaving their book bags, their computers, their iPads, just a bunch of school supplies in there and the thieves would love to have the computers because they are easy to move and easily to sell out here,” Detective Ben Crawford said.


He also said leaving your bags in the trunk or trying to hide your keys under a mat is a bad idea.

Crawford said the thieves are smarter than most people think and very organized. They will break a car window, grab whatever is left in the car, and be gone in 60 seconds.

Don't be my friend (wise words, always), and don't leave anything in your car you wouldn't be cool with somebody pawning to score drugs. (It's always drugs.)

***Somewhere in the distance, thousands of burglarized Ohio State students nod wistfully***

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