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By D.J. Byrnes on August 5, 2015 at 4:59 am


  • 2016 three-star OL Gavin Cupp, who had his MSU offer pulled after visiting Friday Night Lights, committed to Ohio State yesterday.

TERRELL HALL TALKS DECOMMITMENT. The Lord of Whispers dropped a report yesterday about the final days of Terrell Hall's commitment to Ohio State. Apparently Hall hid a week-long visit to Alabama from the staff, showed up late to Friday Night Lights, and then showed up to the WHAC that Saturday in an Alabama shirt.

Yesterday, Hall responded.

From Tyler Donohue of

"I started to think about the possibility of playing positions other than a 4-3 defensive end," he said. "I like how Alabama sees me as a 3-4 outside linebacker who can still play some defensive end. It also gives me an opportunity to drop back in pass coverage and show off my athleticism. That versatility is attractive to NFL teams."


"Apparently people think I decommitted because of [new 5-star Ohio State commit] Nick Bosa, but I've been expecting him to commit. It had nothing to do with my decision, because I'd been on the verge for a while, really since my Alabama visit in June," Hall said. "I liked Ohio State, but it was the first big school that I visited. That trip to Alabama urged me to open my eyes to other opportunities."

Makes you think, for sure.

I wasn't the most couth 16-year-old, but one thing I have picked up in life is the importance of bridges. It's just not wise to be torching relationships with Ohio State coaches who 1) clearly wanted you and 2) are coming off a dominating champion run.

But what do I know? Not very much.

OSU CONTINUES TO DELAY THE INEVITABLE. One thing I do know, however, is that Ohio State, like most Americans, enjoys money. That's why the school is going to eventually end up selling booze at games. Everybody knows it.

And yet...

From Doug Lesmerises of

"I don't know if it's coming, but we're going to keep studying it, probably at a more intense level than I've studied it in the past," Smith said. "We have to look at it harder."

Virginia Tech will sell beer and wine to some club seat holders for the season opener at Lane Stadium against the Buckeyes, Virginia Tech announced last week. Those will be the first in-stadium alcohol sales for the school.

Once Ohio State starts selling beer for obscene prices and society doesn't collapse, they're going to wonder what took them so long. For the record: The people that get blackout drunk are already on that train when they walk into the stadium with a belly full of Kamchatka Vodka.

TERRELLE PRYOR NOT DONE THROWING YET. The Browns' owner is a crook and their GM is an incompetent cheater, and yet I still am quite high on head coach Mike Pettine. Only partially because he looks like Stone Cold.

Listening to him talk about the versatility of Terrelle Pryor — who suffered a hammy strain yesterday but is still expected to play in Cleveland's Friday scrimmage at the Shoe — it sounds like Pryor has secured himself a spot on the team.

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The offensive wheels don't turn like that in camp for a guy that's about to be unemployed in a week or two.

THIS SEEMS GOOD. We're used to transformations like this from Ohio State's football team, but it looks like the basketball team is putting in work lately too. Here's freshman shooting guard JaQuan Lyle's summer transformation: 

THE ONLY WAY I'D EVER WATCH THE BACHELORETTE. I discriminate against people that watch The Bachelorette/Bachelor or anything of that ilk. I just can't hang around people with that much time on their hands and don't do noble things like follow college sports.

That said: ABC executives would hit a gold mine if this ever came to pass.

My friend said he could last a full round inside the octagon with Ronda Rousey without getting knocked out/submitted. That was almost as asinine as watching a decedent horror show of wax people like The Bachelor/Bachelorette

My take? If you're not a man who fights in a cage for a living... Rousey is taking the consciousness from your soul within the first minute.

THOSE WMDs. #RealTalk... We Won a Tube of Preparation H at the Gathering of the Juggalos... College football is hot in exploding daily fantasy sports market... Electric Happaratus glove enables wood and stone to be sculpted by hand... Drone flies over prison, drops drugs, starts fight... This Instant-Aging Suit looks and sounds horrifying.

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