Monday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on June 8, 2015 at 4:59 am
Joe Burger

Uh oh, Golden State. It's on now.

I watched Game 2 with Dion from Youngstown. Good news, Cavs fans: The "Cavs in 6" prophecy has been reaffirmed by the soothsayer from northeast Ohio.

Say what you want about Cleveland too, but nobody would wish their team to play Game 3 of a 1-1 series in the Sleeve. I feel like the Cavs have yet to play their best game too, which is a scary proposition for the Warriors.

MACK MAKES NO. 16. The big OSU-centric news yesterday was Austin Mack, a blue chip WR out of Fort Wayne, committing to the good guys. (Mack explained his choice to 11W.)

The Lord of Whispers broke down the impact of Mack's commitment (spoiler: it's big), and fellow commits lauded Mack's decision.

TYVIS GETS PEELED BY MAMA BEAR. Tyvis Powell's mom told him to mow the lawn. Tyvis tried to rise up.

The Powell's lawn is now cut:

As a man who pushed a lawnmower up and down his mom's lawn, I can appreciate Tyvis' attention to detail: 

"One of the greatest physical joys is rest after labor. All the entertainments dreamt up by rich and idle people can’t compare with this joy." — Leo Tolstoy.

DANNY CLARK CAN PUNCH. Urban Meyer loves dual-sport athletes, and that's especially so of his quarterbacks. Looks like 2017's Danny Clark fits that mold as well:

Quick shoutout to the fact Ohio State is set at QB until 2020 (at least).

OSU RETHINKS THE WHOLE NEUROLOGY THING. Another example of why I would be a bad bureaucrat: My answer to this conundrum would be to sprint down the halls screaming "THIS IS WHAT WE TRAINED FOR!!! NEXT SURGEON UPPPP!" 

People would probably die.

From Ben Sutherly of

Ohio State University’s neurology department is grappling with self-described “considerable and persistent monetary issues,” as well as a rash of physician departures.

In a May 5 email to faculty and staff that The Dispatch obtained, department chairman John Kissel said a financial-oversight committee would work with department officials “for the next 30 to 60 days to ... get us on the right course to meet or exceed our fiscal year 2016 budget.”

“The goal is to take a ‘fresh look’ at our enterprise,” Kissel wrote in the email.

Seriously, though, Neurology Department, the answer is pretty clear: Put Cardale Jones in the dang game.

THOSE WMDs. 10 of History's Most Power-Hungry Cats... Discovered miniature frogs are the size of M&M’s.... King Henry I, like Richard III, could be buried in a car park... Ode to Guy Fieri... Cleveland's weatherman is juiced.. Is one of the most celebrated running coaches also a cheater?

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