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By D.J. Byrnes on April 29, 2015 at 4:59 am
Nick Vannett

Folks, have I ever steered you wrong about quality television programming? No.

So trust me when I say: Peaky Blinders is a power move.

WE COVER HOUSTON HERE. We're a Houston blog now, actually. We'll continue to be so until Tom Herman takes over for 33-time champion Urban Meyer in 2045.

Herman — did you know he belongs to MENSA, the genius organization? — appeared on Houston radio yesterday, and the big dog didn't holster his weapons:

My favorite part was Herman talking about Cardale Jones. Apparently, Herman's wife was a guiding influence in Jones' life these last few years. (As Herman put it, the Iron King is a "momma's boy.")

Herman wasn't serving platitudes.

He then told of how, on January 13th at 1:35 a.m. (when Cardale should've been out celebrating his championship), he sent the following group text to the Hermans:

I never would have made it without you two in my life. So many people doubted me. People in this program. People who so called loved me. So many people told me I wasn't good enough, and you guys never gave up on me and always believed in me. I thank you and love you for that.

Listening to Herman, it's evident that meant more to him than the championship itself. 

I hope Houston wins every game by 50 this year. (Unless of course they play Ohio State, obvii.)

COULD IT HAPPEN? YES. Urban said on yesterday's Dan Patrick Show that he won't render a verdict on #QBgeddon until the middle of August. 

Basically, we have three-and-a-half months of #QBgeddon #takes through which we must forge. (We will do this together, friends.)

From Aaron Torres of

It also got me thinking about something: Over the last eight months --- since Miller initially got hurt, really --- the media has been itching for some answer, any answer to the Ohio State quarterback derby. Would Cardale go pro? Would Miller transfer? Who's changing positions?

But while everyone needs a resolution, what if there isn't one? What if it just so happens that all three guys like each other, all three guys like Ohio State, and they're willing to try and figure out how to make it work together?

Why hasn't anyone even considered that as a possibility?

I won't fault national guys for not knowing this, but there's no doubt that Cardale, Braxton, and J.T. all genuinely like each other. There won't be any salt between the Magnificent Three.

That said, Braxton strikes me as the least predisposed to handling "a benching," since I doubt he's ever lost a QB competition.  That's the only scenario in which I could envision OSU losing one of its vaunted QBs, and even then, there'd be reasons for him to stay in Columbus.


GOOD GUY MIKE CONLEY. Mike Conley got hurt, and Portland's Damian Lillard had his best game of the series on Monday night. Coincidence? Doubtful.

But even though Conley is sidelined for the foreseeable future, it doesn't mean he can't affect a game.


Memphis Grizzlies guard Mike Conley has purchased 500 tickets to Game 5 vs. Portland as a way to thank the faithful Grizz Nation fans that showed him an outpouring of support after his injury sustained in Game 3 at Portland. The tickets will be given away at Noon in the FedExForum Grand Lobby. Tickets will be distributed by Grizzlies staffers and are available on a first-come, first-served basis and there will be a limit of two tickets per person.

“It was such a disappointment to go down in Game 3, but my spirits were immediately lifted after all of the support that I received from fans around the world, but especially those right here in Memphis,” said Conley. “As a way to say thank you, I’d like for them to be cheering us on tomorrow at Game 5 because there’s no greater experience than the NBA Playoffs in Memphis.”

The Grizzlies will host the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 5, presented by Sonic Drive-In, at 8:30 p.m. [tonight]. 

The Grizzlies lead the series, 3-1. Kosta Koufos might have to go into Hulk mode to put the Blazers away tonight.

ANOTHER MLB CLUB USES OSU TO BOOST ATTENDANCE. I can see it now: MLB marketing executives fretting over declining attendance figures of their dying sport, until one bright-eyed intern says, "What about the OSU Buckeyes? They're so hot right now."


All Ohio State alumni, family, friends and guests are invited to Ohio State Day and dollar dog night at Progressive Field where Cleveland will take on the Baltimore Orioles. Join fellow Buckeyes for a great evening at the ballpark and stick around for fireworks after the game.

Friday, June 5, 2015

5 p.m.: Gate C
6 — 8:10 p.m.: Reception
7:10 p.m.: Game
Progressive Field
2401 Ontario St. 
Cleveland, OH 44115

Or you could watch the "game" from your couch in the comfort of your own living room because baseball season in Cleveland is already over.

What's in a hotdog, anyway? Trick question. Everybody knows the answer is "sewer rat meat." And no, they're not sandwiches. They will never be sandwiches, mainly because sandwiches, by law, are required to be good.

JOSH MYERS: POWERFUL #TEEN. OSU commit Josh Myers, 2017's No. 1 OT prospect, is already 6'6" and 290 lbs as a current high school sophomore.

He also seems like a real chill cat:

You know you're a boss prospect when you can't remember all your offers. I do enjoy how Michigan was almost forgotten entirely. (#HarbaughEffect.)

PATIENT 0 SPEAKS. Why did D'Angelo Russell choose OSU over Kentucky and Louisville? Find out below, via the indomitable Gray Box:

Not mentioned: How he plans to assassinate Kobe Bryant if he gets drafted by the Lakers. (Probably best that plan be kept secret.)

THOSE WMDs. The Untold Story of Silk Road... How I Came to be Banned from the World's Most Remote Island... The diversity of American grammar, mapped... Hit by avalanche... Yes!

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