Monday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on June 30, 2014 at 6:00 am
Aeriel view of Horseshoe, 1926 via The Ohio State Archives

This could be a big couple weeks for OSU recruiting. By the closing bell next Friday, Ohio State could have commitments from Justin Hilliard, Jashon Cornell and Jerome Baker. That's fourteen stars between three players.

Ohio State has never received two five-star commitments in one day, but that could end on Wednesday as Hilliard and Cornell will announce back-to-back specials on

OHIO STATE IS FIVE GUYS. So says Mark Primiano, a writer for SB Nation's Illinois site, The Champaign Room, in an article comparing Big Ten schools to fast food joints.

Congrats! You're the best amongst your peers. When compared to other fast food burger joints/Midwestern football squads, you clearly stand head and shoulders above the rest.

But when compared to non-chain restaurants (SEC teams), you tend to pale in comparison. It's not that you aren't great. You are. You're just not really on their tier. And that's okay. You're still pretty damn good.

Back-handed compliments are always amusing, but this hurts me a little bit because it's got some truth to it. THIS IS OHIO STATE'S YEAR, THOUGH, HATERZ.

Rutgers as White Castle slayed me too.

MICKEY MITCHELL IS GOOD AT BASKETBALL. Mitchell's older brother, Mike, has left Columbus and returned to Texas, but Mickey is still committed to Thad Matta's 2015 class. Let's hope it stays that way.

People seem to think he's a goner, but I feel he would've decommitted by now if he was planning on doing so. I'd be more worried if he was coming here for football.

THIS OHIO STATE TATTOO IS INSANE. And I say that as somebody who is insane.

This, uh, took some courage.

There's a lot going on in this picture. Most notably, an apparent die-hard Ohio State fan got the Block M tattooed on their back. Granted, it's being devoured by an enraged skull with Buckeye leaf tattoos, but still, it's there.

IF NICK SABAN WERE THE COACH OF THE USMNT. This is how he would've reacted after the 1-0 loss to Germany. (This impression is awesome.)

I'm glad I don't know this man in real life, because I would waste an insane amount of time writing ridiculous statements and having him read it back to me in his Nick Saban voice.

VIVA OLD BALL COACH. I noticed Spurrier got some love in last week's comments (as he should), so here's three of his top ten quips from his South Carolina tenure:

“Smart people don’t believe everything they read, and they don’t believe hearsay. … I guess Dabo believed it.” – After Clemson coach Dabo Swinney responded to a quote wrongly attributed to Spurrier


“I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game, because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.” 
– In response to the 2012 game against Georgia being played in October


"This will be the 14th time I’ve coached at Neyland Stadium. I’ve coached there more than some of their head coaches.” 
– In his weekly news conference prior to the 2013 game against Tennessee

Hopefully he coaches for another 20 years.

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