For Ohio: Ryan Day is Passing His Socially Distanced Days Bing-Watching Tiger King and Cooking in the Crockpot

By Kevin Harrish on March 26, 2020 at 4:05 pm
Ryan Day is surviving quarantine.

We're living in uncertain times during the COVID-19 outbreak, but Ohio is gonna get through it together – and have some fun along the way.

If you've been wondering how Ryan Day's been handling his quarantine, there's a solid chance he's been doing pretty much the same thing as you.

Reminder: we're all in this together. And we've all got a true-crime docu-series about an eccentric big cat enthusiast named Joe Exotic to get us through it.

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Let's Laugh

Franklin County made the soul-crushing decision to suspend the weekly Wednesday noon emergency siren test, erasing one of the last bits of normalcy from our upheaved lives.

But in the midst of the darkness, a hero emerged.

A little something to liven up this depressing semester from r/OSU

Someone get this man a megaphone.

Humans Being Human

Non-Profit Dominos

A Dayton Dominos restaurant is stepping up to help out its employees during the time of need, going non-profit for the next 12 weeks and distributing all the money to its workers, even if they're on sick leave.

good on you
Via Reddit.

The Reddit comments seem to indicate this is not the only Dominos in the state to do this, which is even more awesome.

Big Kat Helping Out

Andy Katzenmoyer is looking out for folks, hooking everyone up with some free mobile workouts to make sure they can be healthy and active during a time when everyone should stay home.


Cheers to all who are staying fit at home! For those that need help, reach out and I will set you up with KPs Distance programming for FREE. These workouts will be delivered to your phone every day through Beyond the Whiteboard app. You can keep track of everything from your workouts, either KPs or your own, your diet, sleep, mobility, water, and more! All workouts can be scaled and adjusted based on the availability of equipment and your fitness level. Call or Text: 614-259-7570 Email: #westerville #ohio #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #crossfit #workout #cardio #hiit #weightlifting #strengthtraining #homeworkout

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Lord knows I could use it.

Take Me Home

We're still in March and there's still no basketball, so I thought it would be a stellar time to remind you all how damn good Evan Turner was at Ohio State.

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