Discover Ohio: Cincinnati is the City with the State's Best Food

By Nick Clarkson on July 29, 2017 at 8:45 am
This article makes me feel like Guy Fieri, and I'm just fine with that. Welcome to the Queen City.

Welcome to the Discover Ohio series! Every week, we'll unpack the best parts about the Buckeye State by determining Ohio's best name, history, food and more.

Best Food: Cincinnati

It was only a matter of time before the Queen City was selected for one of these weekly categories, and I would like to thank a handful of 12th Warriors for the nomination.

Located in Hamilton County, Cincinnati is the third-largest city in the state based on population and is a stone's toss across the Ohio River from the state of Kentucky. Home to a multitude of attractions and an extremely rich history of its own, the 'Nati also boasts a number of choices for fine and casual cuisine within in its city limits.

The first tantalizing option is one of the staples for the city of Cincinnati, and is quite famous if you ask other Ohioans about this unique eat. "Cincinnati chili" is a very simple plate, and it is basically spaghetti noodles topped with a chili-type sauce and loaded with cheddar cheese. This grub is used in a number of fast-food chains across the nation, including Gold Star Chili. But the restaurant that was made famous because of this interesting food is Skyline Chili.

Outside of this one restaurant chain, Cincinnati also holds a couple other delicious places to dine. Findlay Market is a possible selection near Elder Street in the center of downtown, and boasts a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables from local vendors in a famers' market fashion, while also hosting a large amount of events each month.

Additionally, if your tastes buds are asking for barbeque, Eli's BBQ has a large menu filled with tasty sandwiches, saucy ribs and savory sides in a rustic, indoor and outdoor setting. Another excellent barbeque joint that lies on the river is Montgomery Inn, which has some delicious pickings on its own on the menu. Trust me, this place is actually unbelievable and the ribs will leave you satisfied.

More options within the Fountain City come from the area entitled Over-The-Rhine, which houses establishments such as Taft's Ale House, The Eagle, Bakersfield, Nicola's, and Senate. If you're in the mood for dessert, this area also has plenty of choices for that including Taste of Belgium and Graeter's Ice Cream, which was founded in Cincy in 1870 by Louis and Regina Graeter.

One cool event that occurs is called Taste of Cincinnati, and it has a very long history of its own.

Taste of Cincinnati is held every Memorial Day weekend in downtown Cincinnati by the Corporate and Community Events division of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Started in 1979, it is now the nation's longest running culinary arts festival.

Taste of Cincinnati started as a one-day fest in Piatt Park, then known as Garfield Park, with approximately 5,000 attending the first event. The event expanded to two days in 1981, and in 1988 expanded to three days and moved to Central Parkway.

As I have said before, I am a man who likes to eat, and I'm not sure about any of you but after writing this, I'm pretty hungry. Good thing I have all these new places to try.

Other "Best Food" Nominees
  • Cleveland
  • Columbus
  • Many other individual restaurants

Next week, Discover Ohio will feature the city in the Buckeye State that has the best activities. What I mean by activities are city-wide events, festivals, bars, nightlife and other functions of that nature. So I could use your help making my decision.

I ask that you leave your nomination for next week's superlative in the comments below, and head to Cincinnati to get yo' grub on. Who knows, maybe we can all just go together.

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