The Person Who Defaced This Box of Buckeyes Should Be Put in Jail

By D.J. Byrnes on January 29, 2015 at 11:02 am
via u/MoreCowbellllll

Look, folks: I'm going to play this one straight with y'all. I think the person who defaced u/MoreCowbellllll's officially licensed box of Anthony-Thomas chocolate Buckeyes should be put into a cage. 

Truth be told, I understand why everyone outside of Ohio State hates Ohio. It's because Ohio State is good and their teams aren't. I have no problem letting people live their own lie, but honestly, the anti-Ohio State nature of this crime doesn't perturb me as much as the fact this person thinks Buckeyes "suck."

Show me the person who doesn't like Buckeyes, and I'll show you a person with unfortunate allergies or someone who deserves to go to prison.

How can you not like the holy, perfectly proportioned union of chocolate peanut butter? A person so corroded by their own hatred forfeits their right to belong to society, in my opinion. 

Is it a tough take? Sure, but it's also fair.

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