Lantern: #Chittshow Tamer Than Years Past

By D.J. Byrnes on April 7, 2014 at 12:12 pm
Photo via @RyanPritchett2

ChittShow is a fairly recent but growing tradition on Ohio State's campus. As tends to happen when large alcohol-fueled crowds of youth and police intermingle, there have been some kerfuffles. The most notable was at similarly-fashioned Woodfest in 2011 when three idiots gave us the greatest triumvirate of mugshots in recent memory:


Since then, things have been tampered a bit. From Ohio State's student paper, The Lantern:

In what are often deemed as chaotic block parties, “Woodfest” and “ChittShow” were coupled with higher safety and a lower number of arrests compared to the past two years.

Commander Chris Bowling of the Columbus Division of Police said Sunday afternoon that the department is still calculating the number of arrests but knows the number is low compared to the previous two years that the parties on Woodruff and Chittenden avenues took place.

Three people were arrested in May 2011 during Woodfest and three people were arrested at Chittshow. In 2012, The Lantern reported two people were arrested at Woodfest and one person was arrested at ChittShow. The 2012 arrests included one OSU student.

Good to see Ohio State students and police being able to coexist, but I am a bit worried about Commander Chris Bowling's and the CPD's math skills. 

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