Carlos Locklyn Shows Intensity, Humor and Attention to Detail While Coaching Running Backs at Ohio State’s High School Football Camp

By Dan Hope on June 21, 2024 at 12:48 pm

Carlos Locklyn’s intensity, humor and attention to detail were on full display as he coached running backs at Ohio State’s high school football camp earlier this week.

Ohio State’s new running backs coach let his personality show on Monday as he coached a group of running backs that included OSU commit Bo Jackson, Pickerington North running back Michael Taylor, highly touted 2026 prospects Damarius Yates and Carsyn Baker and 2027 prospect Tyson Robinson, among others.

Locklyn demanded excellence from each running back as they went through his drills, often telling them to “get your butt back” and repeat the drill if they messed up a technique or didn‘t run at full speed. He also cracked plenty of jokes, such as telling Yates that his shoes were “U-Hauls” and comparing another running back to boxer Frank Martin after he fell during a drill.

At the same time, Locklyn could be seen encouraging all of the running backs and congratulating them when they had successful reps and improved upon their previous reps.

To give you a glimpse of Ohio State’s new running backs coach in action and how he coaches his players, we filmed a portion of the running backs’ workout with a focus on Locklyn’s coaching. You can watch that video at the top of the page.

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