Social Reactions: Ohio State Walks It Off Against Notre Dame With Grit and Toughness

By Johnny Ginter on September 24, 2023 at 8:01 am
Ohio State tight end Cade Stover

In 2011, the New York Jets beat the favored New England Patriots in the AFC Playoffs by the score of 28-21, prompting Jets linebacker Bart Scott to fly over to ESPN's Sal Paolantonio like an airplane (a jet, if you will) and deliver a postgame interview for the ages. In it, Scott specifically called out ESPN's Tom Jackson as one of the "non-believers" that had the temerity to pick the Patriots over Jets, before staring down the camera and telling America that "anybody can be beat".

It's one of my favorite football interview moments of all time, along with Michigan State coach John L. Smith slapping himself after a loss and Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree dreaming a win over Texas in his head, and now Ryan Day popping off on a barely intelligible octogenarian joins that pantheon.

It's absurd and slightly weird that a narrative peddled by a tiny, barely lucid Lou Holtz apparently lives rent-free in Ryan Day's brain, but also: Ohio State won last night, and they did it by (eventually) playing with the kind of heart and grit and toughness people have tried to deny them since Day took over the team. He and his players had every right to be angry about comments like that, and every right to hop in a Camaro and do some cathartic victory donuts in Holtz's front lawn after the game.

A little goofy? Sure. But that's football, baby, and dammit, that's my coach right there.

Non-believers are officially on notice.





Next week is a Bye! We need it! See you against Maryland!

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