Deontae and Devontae Armstrong’s Most Recent Visit to Ohio State Made Them Certain They’re Ready to Be Buckeyes

By Dan Hope on March 27, 2023 at 2:39 pm
Deontae and Devontae Armstrong
Deontae and Devontae Armstrong

After visiting Ohio State for the Buckeyes’ first scrimmage of the spring on Saturday, Deontae and Devontae Armstrong decided they didn’t need to wait any longer to make their college decision.

During a meeting with Ryan Day in the head coach’s office following Saturday’s practice, the twin brothers informed Day that they were both ready to commit to Ohio State. Day’s reaction only strengthened their belief that they had made the right decision.

“My favorite moment of that day, and the whole recruiting process is when at the end of the visit in Coach Day’s office after practice my brother and I told him we have seen enough and that we’d like to commit to Ohio State today. He jumped up with a big smile and hugged us and ran to get Coach Frye,” Devontae told Eleven Warriors. “It was just an overall surreal experience.”

The Armstrong twins made their commitment public Monday, when both of them announced they would join Ohio State’s recruiting class of 2024. They’re the fifth and sixth members of Ohio State’s 2024 class and the third and fourth offensive linemen in the class, joining Ian Moore and Marc Nave Jr.

Deontae and Devontae had already visited Ohio State several times before Saturday, so they went into the weekend visit already feeling good about becoming Buckeyes. By the time they left, they felt they had seen everything they needed to see to bring their recruitments to an end.

“What made us decide that we were ready to commit is because it all just made sense, it was the right fit and we saw everything we needed to see and absolutely love it there,” Deontae told Eleven Warriors. “It just felt like home to me, my brother and my family.”

Devontae said Ohio State consistently answered their questions throughout the recruiting process, making them feel comfortable with what Ohio State can offer them both on and off the field.

“The coaching staff really made it clear to us that anything that our family and I wanted to see whether it be academics or football, then they would provide those things for us to see on this visit,” Devontae said. “Each time we visited Ohio State they were consistent in welcoming us each time and getting all of our questions answered.”

Both Armstrongs have long dreamed of playing for Ohio State.

“Playing for the Buckeyes has definitely been a dream,” Deontae said. “As a kid watching them it almost seems like an unattainable goal to have, and now that that is a reality is amazing.”

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Devontae says they’ve “grown up watching Ohio State since the day we were born,” so it was an exciting day for both when Ohio State offensive line coach Justin Frye went to St. Edward High School in January and extended them scholarship offers.

“It really was just a dream come true to actually be getting recruited by Ohio State and when Coach Frye came to our school in January and offered my brother and I, we just looked at each other and smiled,” Devontae said.

Both brothers aren’t just excited about being Buckeyes but also excited about playing for Frye.

“The way he coaches, I love it,” Deontae said. “I know it’s going to push me to be the best player I can be, and I love the tough love aspect he has. I always watch how he interacts with his players off the field and I can tell he has a great relationship with them and they like him not only as a coach but as a person.”

Watching practice, Devontae said he was impressed by the way Frye and offensive line graduate assistant Mike Sollenne coach their players on their practice field.

“The intensity that Coach Frye and Coach Sollenne have throughout practice, they really bring out the best in a player which is something that both me and my brother wanted to be a part of,” Devontae said.

While the Armstrongs are twins, they aren’t identical prospects. Deontae is expected to play tackle for the Buckeyes, while Devontae is expected to play on the interior offensive line, though they both said Frye wants them to be able to play multiple positions.

“I believe he sees me playing at tackle, but me being versatile only helps,” said Deontae, who plays right tackle at St. Edward. “It’s definitely leaned to more of a tackle but getting to know all the positions wouldn’t be bad at all.”

“Coach Frye really likes my athleticism and where my body is at right now, he sees me as more of an IOL player but he likes that I could be able to play both inside at guard and outside as a tackle,” said Devontae, who plays left guard at St. Edward.

They join a list of twins to play for Ohio State that also includes current defensive lineman Bryce Prater and his brother Zach Prater, who played for the Buckeyes for two years; former walk-on wide receivers Gage and Luciano Bican, who played for Ohio State in 2018; linebacker Mike Sullivan and nose tackle John Sullivan, who played for the Buckeyes from 1985-88; linebacker John Epitropoulos and guard Ernie Epitropoulos, who played for Ohio State from 1977-80; and tight end Terry and linebacker Tim Vogler, who played for the Buckeyes from 1975-78.

The Armstrongs have already started building a bond with the other two offensive linemen in their recruiting class, who both took to social media on Monday to congratulate their newest classmates on their commitments.

Now that they are committed to Ohio State, the Armstrongs are looking forward to helping the Buckeyes recruit more prospects to join them in Columbus – a process Deontae said they’ve already started since they gave their word to Day on Saturday.

“I’ve met a lot of top recruits during the recruiting trail, whether it be visits, prospects I faced during the season, or guys from camps,” Deontae said. “The day after I committed I already started recruiting and I hope to help bring in the best recruiting class in CFB.”

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