This Week in Twitter: Devin Brown Gives a Highlight Dunk, Childhood Photos Surface, and Players Remember Dwayne Haskins' Birthday

By 11W Staff on May 7, 2022 at 3:25 pm
Ruckert is a jet.

This Week in Twitter is a look at some of the week's best and most entertaining tweets from Buckeyeland and beyond.

This was a week of celebration for many following the NFL Draft, but it wasn't all smiles for Buckeye Nation as Tuesday would have been Dwayne Haskins' 25th birthday. Some of his former teammates remembered.

Jeremy Ruckert was celebrating, however, as getting drafted to play for his childhood favorite team will never stop being cool. Especially when photos like this exist.

Graduation is another reason for celebration, and graduating from college is one of the biggest gifts you can give to the family that helped get you there, and this year's spring graduates get to do it on Mother's Day.

Miyan Williams did his best to share some smiles this week, becoming a local legend in the process.

Teradja Mitchell gives us an evergreen reminder:

And Paris Johnson Jr. reminds us that planes may be faster than cars, but that doesn't mean you're going to enjoy the ride.

Harry Miller is out here giving out extremely good Star Wars takes.

We got a look at childhood Garrett Wilson, who was almost certainly Mossing kids even back then.

Devin Brown reminds us that he's still got some ups.

A quality mentor is absolutely invaluable, and it sure looks like a few Buckeye football players had a good one in Ohio State professor Lanier Holt. 

Jeremy Ruckert let us know that there was some Buckeye-to-Jets love in his household long before he heard his name called in the draft.

Turns out, Brian Hartline isn't the only former Ohio State player out here producing first-round receivers.

Ohio State recently announced a home-and-home Boston College in 2035. Teradja Mitchell is already making some long-term plans to attend... with his unborn children.

Ryan Day announced on Saturday that Marcus Crowley is retiring from football following a series of serious injuries. And a couple of his former teammates reacted to the news.

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