Presser Bullets: Ryan Day Says Kerry Coombs Got Game Ball After Maryland Win, Hopes Haskell Garrett Gets Healthy Over Bye Week

By Griffin Strom on October 9, 2021 at 4:24 pm
C.J. Stroud

In its highest-scoring performance of the season, Ohio State blew past Maryland 66-17 on Saturday.

Immediately following the home win at Ohio Stadium, Buckeye quarterback C.J. Stroud, head coach Ryan Day and others took the podium for post-game interviews.

Here's a complete rundown of the Buckeyes' comments after the game.

QB C.J. Stroud

  • On his performance: "Being more comfortable, being myself, really just relaxing back there." Stroud said the Buckeyes are "starting to roll, get momentum."
  • "My shoulder's feeling a whole lot better. Every day I'm rehabbing it just to make sure nothing goes wrong ... two games now we don't have any turnovers."
  • "If they want to stop the run, we have things in the pass game that will work." Stroud says the Buckeyes have a well-balanced attack right now.
  • "I really think we're starting to roll, we're really getting used to each other."
  • "When you try to force things, that's usually when bad things happen."
  • On having one of the best offenses in the country: "We have a lot more work to do. I definitely think we're putting up the numbers and doing the right things ... If we can be the best offense in the country, I think that's something we can reach."
  • Stroud on the WR corps: "I'm definitely pleased and happy that all my receivers ate today."
  • Stroud says nothing about his game has changed, he's just gotten more comfortable.
  • Stroud says it took him a few games to "feel the love and feel the hate" from the Ohio State fan base.

Ryan Day

  • "I think it's a young team that's growing, I think we're being more aggressive, I think we're building some confidence."
  • On the receiving corps: "The personnel certainly helps ... the plays look a lot better when you have those kind of players out there."
  • "I've got to give credit to Emeka, because his approach every day has been very mature. Not like a freshman."
  • On Stroud: "I think his preparation has been excellent ... that's allowing us to run the offense and be efficient." Day says Stroud is "absolutely not" all the way there yet, though.
  • On Haskell Garrett's injury: "We'll see. It's something he's been dealing with. Hopefully we can get him healed up over the bye week."
  • Day says Kerry Coombs got the game ball for Ohio State today.
  • On Stroud: "He's gonna have to make sure he's steady." Day says he must "stay hungry."
  • Day says players might not have had confidence that "the guy next to them could do it" early in the season. Now though, Day says "there's a different look in our eye."
  • Day says he's not able to evaluate just how good Stroud's performance was today, and that it's something he'll have to look back on after the season.
  • Day says how Stroud sees the field is the best thing he does.
  • Day says the Buckeyes' 17-play opening drive "felt like a 25-play drive." Day says the offense was "a little clunky" on the first drive.
  • Day says Al Washington has done a great job of fitting guys into roles at linebacker. Day says the LBs are a "very serious group," but have been having more fun on the field as of late.
  • Day says changing looks in the secondary has led to a better pass rush.

WR Emeka Egbuka, WR Chris Olave, S Marcus Williamson

  • Olave says he's "not really surprised" that he was so open on several plays today because of the preparation that goes into those plays.
  • Olave says the Ohio State offense is "unstoppable" when the run game and pass game are clicking at the same time.
  • Egbuka says he thinks he will finish a return with a touchdown soon after not quite getting into the end zone on a couple big plays the past few games.
  • Williamson says "I'm born and bred in Ohio ... to be able to show that passion and energy on the field, that means the world to me."
  • Olave: "This offense is gonna be scary and unstoppable." Olave says the Buckeyes have been "damn near perfect" in the past few games. Olave says Ohio State has corrected mistakes.
  • On scoring despite the PI penalty on Maryland, Olave says the pass was a little bit behind him, but he was determined to make the play.
  • Williamson says the Buckeyes are able to "plug and play guys" at safety, and that it's "helping the defense and the team."
  • Egbuka says his mindset is to return every kick for a TD.

LB Steele Chambers & LB Cody Simon

  • Chambers says it's clear that Ohio State is playing with "a lot more energy" on defense.
  • Simon "can't really say enough about our guys" after the improvement that has been made in the past few weeks.
  • Chambers says "it takes a lot of heart" to bounce back from a deflating loss like Ohio State had in Week 2, and "we definitely have that heart."
  • Simon says Coombs has "been through a lot" but has "stuck through it and is still doing his thing."
  • Simon says Chambers goes full speed "no matter what" every day in practice.
  • "I was not surprised at all." Simon says Chambers was already among the best players on special teams before moving to LB.
  • Has the transition to LB been as easy as it looks? "Definitely not," Chambers says.
  • Chambers on the team's reaction to Coombs getting the game ball: "Everyone was pumped up. I don't know how else you could really feel."
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