Luke Wypler Sells $50 Hoodie Featuring Tweet Claiming He Could Not Sell $50 Hoodies

By Kevin Harrish on July 26, 2021 at 5:04 pm
Luke Wypler is selling a shirt.

Luke Wypler just turned disrespect into hefty profit.

While many players have made great use of the NCAA's new name, image and likeness rules, Ohio State offensive lineman Luke Wypler may take the crown for most creative.

On Monday afternoon, Wypler was made aware of a Tweet from Michigan media personality James Yoder that questioned his popularity and NIL marketability.

Specifically, Yoder doubted Wypler's ability to sell $50 hoodies to fans.

So naturally, he went ahead and did just that.

Less than two hours later, Wypler posted an online listing for a hoodie featuring a Yoder's Tweet claiming that could not sell a hoodie for $50. The hoodie, of course, costs $50.

If you'd like to snag one on, you can get yours here, ranging from size Small to 3XL.

You're probably going to want to move quickly, though, cause I've got a hunch they're going to go fast.

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