Ryan Day Radio Show: Excitement Around Football's Return, What It Means to Have Justin Fields Back, and How Ohio State Will Handle the Virus and Positive Tests

By Kevin Harrish on September 17, 2020 at 1:00 pm
Ryan Day.

Ohio State's season is reinstated, and so is Ryan Day's Radio Show.

With football now on the horizon, Ryan Day had plenty to talk about for his first weekly appearance on the Ryan Day Show on 97.1 The Fan.

Day discussed Ohio State's excitement to return to action, gave some updates at each position, discussed Wyatt Davis and Shaun Wade's potential returns to the team, what the team would do if they lost starters to positive tests, and more.

Day was also joined by Dr. James Borchers to discusses the medical side of the return to football, as well as defensive coordinator Kerry Coombs.

Here's what they all had to say.

Ryan Day

Day is excited about yesterday's news
  • One of the reasons I'm excited is we actually have something to talk about on the show!"
  • "They worked so hard to have an opportunity to play safely and compete for a championship and now they have that opportunity."
  • Day said it was great to have them smile at some good news yesterday.
Gene Smith and Kristina Johnson announced the news to the team
  • "Their leadership over the last month has not been easy" day said they fought and showed strong leadership."
  • "Kristina Johnson is someone who's played sports before. She gets what it means to be an athlete."
  • "For them to announce that to the team, it was a great moment."
On Wyatt Davis and Shaun Wade
  • "At the time the information they had – they weren't going to revisit it."
  • "Now there's a whole new set of facts in front of them."
  • "Both of them shared that they wanted to play – there's a reason they came back."
  • On Wyatt Davis: "He'll be back on campus real soon."
  • "We'll kind of wait and see what happens on Shaun."
On the Big Ten conference
  • "One thing that I really learned during this is that when you're part of a conference you need everybody to work together."
  • Day said collaboration from everyone was important and he realized Ohio State couldn't do this or navigate the situation by themselves.
  • "Give the conference credit for adapting."
  • Day said the Big Ten didn't stick to their guns when new facts emerged, they changed their plans.
On depth being crucial
  • "At any moment, you could lose several guys at once."
  • "Make sure the depth is ready to roll at any moment."
On Justin Fields
  • "First off, Justin has had an unbelievable offseason."
  • "College football, Buckeye Nation and even us as coaches, to see him play for only one year would have been really tragic."
  • "I know he's got some unfinished business, he feels like."
On the backup quarterbacks
  • "Jack and CJ are out there learning every day."
  • Day said they haven't really been able to do team work, but they're still learning
  • "They're able to see Justin go to work every day."
  • "You have someone there to watch and learn how to be a pro."
On the wide receivers
  • "Still inexperienced and young, but as talented as I've ever been around."
  • Garrett Wilson's moved inside "a great opportunity for him."
  • Day also mentioned Jameson Williams as well as all of the freshman receivers as possible contributors.
  • Day said they're still working on getting Demario McCall on the field as both a running back and a wide receiver
  • "It's a good group. Mixed in with our tight ends and we feel like we've got a very good passing attack."
On the tight ends
  • Day said he feels very good about the deep and experienced tight end room.
  • "Cade Stover's really come on, too" on Stover's move to tight end.
  • "Now, there's some good depth and experience in this group."
On the offensive line
  • Day mentioned Harry Miller and Nicholas Petit-Frere as guys who could step up this year.
  • Day mentioned Dawand Jones and Paris Johnson Jr. as young talented guys, and Nicholas Petit-Frere and Thayer Munford as guys with more experience when it comes to the offensive tackle battle
  • Day mentions that Harry Miller has moved to guard and is competing for a starting spot.
  • They'll know more about the offensive line when you can put pads on, Day said.
On when they can wear pads
  • Day said they'll be able to put pads on Sept. 30.
  • Until then, they wear foam pads and helmets.
On potentially losing players for 21 days due to a positive test
  • "if it happens, it happens. We're just going to have to find a way to adapt."
  • Day points out that including walk-ons, they have 125 players on the roster.
  • "Some walk-ons might have to have a chance to play this season. That's just the way we're going to have to do it."
  • Day mentions that it's just going to be the next man up if they lose players.
On practice so far
  • "We need to get a lot of fundamental work in."
  • Day mentions it's been since December since they put on pads.
  • Day said they are prepared to gameplan for teams, and that it helps that they're familiar with each opponent, even though there are a couple of new coordinators.
  • Day said each coach has had more time than usual to come up with different schemes. "I'm expecting to see some wrinkles as the season goes."
On the running backs
  • "Master Teague has done a wonderful job at getting himself healthy again ins uch a short period of time."
  • Day was complimentary of Sermon as a player and a person.
  • "Again, we haven't seen him with pads on, but he's done everything we've asked of him since he's been here," Day said of Sermon. "We're excited to get him rolling."
  • "I think Steele Chambers had a great offseason," I think he's really going to have a chance to really help us this season."
  • "Looks good, he's kind of a bowling ball out there," Day said of Miyan Williams. Day said he's excited to see him put on pads.
On the defensive line
  • "Really happy for Jonathon Cooper," Day said, after all he's gone through that he gets to have a season.
  • "It's hard because it's been a year since we've had pads on, but they look good and their attitudes are great."
  • "I was very impressed with how (Zach) Harrison developed quickly to play at a high level."
  • Day was complimentary of Javonte Jean-Baptiste, complimenting his length as a pass rusher.
On the linebackers
  • "I think the linebacker position is a very mature group," naming Tuf Borland, Pete Warner, Justin Hilliard and Baron Browning.
  • Day mentioned the younger guys like Dallas Gant and K'vaughan Pope as younger guys who could step up as well.
On the secondary
  • Day notes that they lost Jeff Okudah, Damon Arnette and Jordan Fuller – all guys who are now first-teamers in the NFL.
  • "You don't just show up and put a new guy out there."
  • But Day mentions that a lot of those guys played in games last year.
  • "While they're inexperienced in starting and playing championship-level games, they have played football."
  • Day highlights Kourt Williams as someone to keep and eye on – "I think he can be a really, really good player."

Dr. Jim Borchers

On testing
  • About 170 people have been identified as a core group that will be tested every day.
  • Borchers said players will actually be tested 6 or 7 days a week – one potential day off is fine.
  • Borchers said the rapid tests will deliver results in about 15 minutes.
  • "We will be testing the day before the game, we will be testing the day of the game."
On the planning process
  • Borchers said he was pleased with how all the plans took place.
  • "At the end of the day, when we were meeting and discussing, it was 14 institutions meeting and working for a path forward."
  • Borchers said they expected criticism, but they had to come up with a plan that worked best for the Big Ten at this time.

Kerry Coombs

On beginning spring practice
  • Coombs points out that there is a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.
  • "I really believe they're going to get there."
  • Coombs said the guys that put in the work outside of team practices will find their way onto the field this year.
On having guys with lots of game experience
  • "Experience is the greatest teacher of all."
  • Coombs mentions that there are many guys on the defensive side of the ball who played snaps last year.
On Shaun Wade
  • On Shaun Wade's targeting being potentially his final play: "Well let's hope that's not his final play."
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