Watch Ohio State's Fall Workouts in Action As the Buckeyes Do Some Speed Training

By Kevin Harrish on July 23, 2020 at 5:52 pm

Turns out, all it takes is a few speed drills to get us hype for football.

The Buckeyes have been putting in work on the practice field this week, and thanks to Ohio State's A+ video production team, we got ourselves a little peek at their offseason grind.

And we've all been so desperate for football these past few months, just a few seconds of players doing speed training feels like mana in the desert.

Take a look as the Buckeyes go through some speed training, even featuring some formerly injured players – Ronnie Hickman, Master Teague and Kamryn Babb.

The Buckeyes are getting ready, but we must say – we're already ready.

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