Social Reactions: Ohio State Avenges Their Good Friends at Howard University by Dropping 70 on Maryland

By Johnny Ginter on November 10, 2019 at 7:25 am
Ohio State's Marcus Crowley reaches for a touchdown against Maryland

Is scoring 70 points in a game even cool anymore?

I ask because even though my dumb ass predicted a 52-7 this week, I went into this game with the full understanding that one, I'd probably end up being wrong, and two, I had probably underestimated how many points it's possible that a giant flaming orb of death going by the name "Ohio State" can score in a 60 minute period of time.

I took a little cat nap with like 10 minutes left in the game, and woke up to a 73-14 score. A decade ago, that would boggle my mind. Now I'm just kind of pissed that they didn't drop 80, because hell, Maryland themselves put up 79 against Howard earlier this season. At this point, anything less than a straight up hundo against Rutgers is going to be a disappointment, because we live in an insane video game world and also because Rutgers is very, very bad.





And that'll do it for this week! Next time, Rutgers quits en masse at halftime and Ohio State plays a ragtag group of 10 year olds coached by Rick Moranis in the second half.

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