Friday Night Fights: Bye Week

By 11W Staff on October 11, 2019 at 6:15 pm
bye bye bye

Welcome to Week 7 of Friday Night Fights 2019.

This series is your opportunity to prove how clairvoyant you are in predicting Ohio State's upcoming football fortunes. FNF also keeps the receipts and shows everyone each week how good your #takes were, if you're brave enough to defend them in the comments below.

Last week you predicted the Buckeyes would not succumb to another Sparty Horseshoe Heartbreak. Here are some of your most clairvoyant predictions.

Sparty's offense spurted per usual, and Ohio State dominated per usual. We love The Usual.

Here's how you predicted Ohio State's 34-10 dispatching of the Spartans to progress, along with your Michigan guess:

sparty ain't shit
There was no wrong answer here, and as the 1st quarter showed - Sparty's defense doesn't slouch often.
chillwave Steve McNair
Would you believe Fields completed 68% of his passes against the No Fly Zone™? That's just #nice enough.
sparty ain't shit the sequel
Fields, Dobbins and Teague III combined for 323 yards rushing against Michigan State. Spartans in trouble.
flag city returns
Buckeyes had 10 flags for 85 yards in a game that was chippy from start to finish. But the PF on Fuller's pick-six was buuuuullshit.
michigan is back baby
Michigan won 10-3 with the help of a stifling defense and Iowa's game plan, which I've heard is capable of scoring 55 points if it wants to.

Let's get to your Bye Week #takes - vote below and get bold in the comments, you cowards.

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