Skull Session: Ryan and Nina Day Are Ohio State's “First Family,” One-And-Done Rule on the Way Out, and Jim Tressel Still Mentors Terrelle Pryor

By Kevin Harrish on February 22, 2019 at 4:59 am
Ryan Day greets us in today's Skull Session.

I'm pleased to tell you that we're mere hours away from the weekend. Do your best, we're almost there.


Word of the Day: Argute.

 NEW FIRST FAMILY. When the Buckeyes named Ryan Day as their head coach, they got more than just him, they got his whole family. That includes his wife Nina as well as their kids.

They're the new first family of Ohio State football, and they seem nothing but stoked about that idea.

Nina said she sees herself as more of a mother figure to the players and doesn't really get involved with Xs and Os, but honestly, based on the video above, maybe she should.

Ryan sounded pretty peeved that his wife was questioning his play calling at one point during his Boston College days, but he never actually responded to the extremely fair and good critique his wife had.

Why were you running the ball on third down, Ryan? Maybe she should call the plays.

 ONE-AND-DONE, DONE? It looks like the one-and-done era could be coming to a close sooner than later.

USA Today is reporting that The NBA has submitted a formal proposal to the NBA Players Association that will lower the draft-eligible age from 19 to 18 years old, and it seems like it might be done by the 2022 NBA Draft.

From Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today:

This is the first step in formal negotiations to lower the age limit by the 2022 draft. The issue is collectively bargained between the NBA and NBPA, and both sides need to agree to any rule change.


Why the 2022 draft? The league wants to give teams ample time to prepare for the change, and with the NBA submitting a proposal to the union now, it's clear it would prefer to reach an agreement, or at least a framework of the deal, in the next few months.


Both sides seem willing to get a deal done, and there is confidence it will get done. Even though the CBA doesn't expire until the end of the 2023-24 season, both sides can agree to amend rules before then.

I think this is in the best interest of both leagues. I don't think rent-a-players do anything for a team in the long-run – no disrespect, D'Angelo Russell – and this would not only be fair to the kids but force coaches to build teams for longer than a recruiting class.

Plus, this is only going to effect like, 5-to-10 prospects a year. It's not like we're opening the floodgates here.

 NEVER DONE COACHING. If you've ever wondered when Jim Tressel stops mentoring his players, the answer seems to be never.

Nearly a decade after he last coached him, Tressel continues to send Terrelle Pryor books to read, and requests that he follow up with him and talk about what the texts taught him.

Man, there are a lot of great football coaches out there, but nobody is ever going to touch Tressel in terms of how much he genuinely loves the people he mentors. And it doesn't look like that's gonna stop anytime soon.

 BEST DAMN COD TEAM IN THE LAND. If the Buckeyes are gonna compete in something, I want them to be the best. And that extends to video games.

Fortunately, I can happily report Ohio State sits alone atop the Call of Duty world.

From the Collegiate Esports Network:

Ohio State (No. 1) is coming up against two top-10 teams over the next two weeks, facing No. 3 Toronto in the second match of week five before taking on No. 5 Ole Miss in the first match of week six. Big wins in these matches will surely show that the Buckeyes deserve their No. 1 spot in the CCL Power Rankings.

We've had offseason #content plans for a few months that involves the Ohio State Esports folks kicking our asses at some form of video game. Stay tuned if you enjoy seeing me make an absolute fool of myself.

 WILLIE TAGGART MESSED UP. So the Willie Taggart experiment doesn't seem to be off to a hot start in Tallahassee.

Florida State had a losing record in his first season, currently doesn't have a quarterback, and now faces this little predicament:

Look, I know expectations are sky high for Ryan Day and in a lot of ways it's going to be damn near impossible for him to meet them, but I'm extremely certain that no matter what, it will never be this bad. Rest easy, Buckeye fans.

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