Denzel Ward to Participate in Pro Bowl Skills Showdown

By Dan Hope on January 22, 2019 at 3:55 pm
Denzel Ward
Ken Blaze – USA TODAY Sports

Denzel Ward's rookie NFL season isn't over just yet.

The former Ohio State and current Cleveland Browns cornerback is set to play in the Pro Bowl on Sunday, and is also set to participate in this week's Pro Bowl Skills Showdown, which pits some of the league's top players against each other in a made-for-TV athletic competition.

The NFL hasn't specified which event Ward will be participating in, but according to, this year's Skills Showdown will include five events:

40 Yard Splash presented by McDonalds: A new challenge that puts teamwork to the test as players participate in a football-inspired take on a fire bucket brigade. Players race to fill up a dunk tank and attempt to hit the target with a football, dropping an opposing team member into the tank.

Gridiron Gauntlet presented by Castrol EDGE: Five players from each team will participate in a head-to-head relay race designed to showcase strength, speed, and agility. Competitions include a fumble scramble through an inflatable path, among others.

Best Hands presented by Madden NFL Overdrive: Two WR-QB duos from each conference will compete in a timed relay race to catch a series of passes at a sequence of downfield targets as quickly as possible. Designated targets require a specific style of catch -- diving, one-handed, over the shoulder, etc. -- which must be executed before the receiver can move on to the next target.

Precision Passing presented by Madden NFL Overdrive: Each conference's two quarterbacks and one captain-appointed non-quarterback will battle it out in a one-minute accuracy competition, as they attempt to hit as many targets as possible.

Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball presented by Skittles: In the grand finale, Pro Bowlers will compete in a classic game of dodgeball, with every member of each team participating. In a best of three series, the team with the last person on the court wins.

The Pro Bowl Skills Showdown is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Thursday on ESPN. 

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