Chris Holtmann Rocks Archie Griffin Jersey to the Podium Before Michigan Football Game After Ohio State Basketball Win

By Kevin Harrish on November 23, 2018 at 10:48 pm
Chris Holtmann is game ready.

I think it's fair to say Chris Holtmann gets The Game.

On the heels of his hoops win over Cleveland State, Holtmann arrived at the post game press conference rocking a crispy Archie Griffin jersey, in solidarity with the football team ahead of Saturday's rivalry matchup with the team to the north.

“I can’t wait to sit back tomorrow and be a fan. And be one heck of a fan,” Holtmann said.

Holtmann said he would certainly be watching the game, “probably screaming at the TV, enjoying an adult beverage,” but reconsidered the adult beverage when he remembered the game was at noon.

I think Ohio State found a keeper.

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