Social Reactions: Things Haven't Looked Great in Recent Weeks, But the Ship is Still Afloat

By Johnny Ginter on November 4, 2018 at 7:35 am
Ohio State defends against Nebraska

Ultimately, I guess it boils down to what your expectations are for the 2018 Ohio State football team. Mine are as follows: win as many games as possible before the end of the season (hopefully all of 'em, but I'll take two) with the Big Ten championship as a potential bonus, but either way, don't worry about the College Football Playoff. Spend a month learning not to suck in various areas in which Ohio State currently sucks a lot. Roll into the bowl game and utterly kick ass.

And that's it! So while I'm not okay with a five point home win over a bad (albeit improving) team, at this point in the season it doesn't surprise me. That also means that the goal of getting better is really all I need. On the other hand, if you believed or still believe that this is a potential national championship team, well...





And that's it! Next week will pose a stiffer test. Let's see if the Buckeyes have learned anything.

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