Coach's Show Recap: Urban Meyer and Ryan Day Talk Rebounding From a “Tough Loss,” Replacing Austin Mack and Alternate Uniforms

By Kevin Harrish on November 1, 2018 at 1:01 pm
Urban Meyer talks Nebraska.

The Buckeyes return to action after a week off when they host Nebraska on Saturday.

Coming off a lopsided road loss to Purdue, Ohio State is looking to rebound against Nebraska and the Buckeyes have had some extra time to solve some of their issues.

Urban Meyer, Ryan Day and Alex Grinch took to the radio waves on 97.1 The Fan to discuss bouncing back from that loss, fixing some of the team's weaknesses, overcoming injuries and how Nebraska will challenge Ohio State.

Here are some of the highlights.

Urban Meyer

On opening up about his health
  • "You don't look very good – well I've heard that before."
  • Meyer said he just wanted to clear the air.
  • "Now the focus is on the important things which is our players and our team.
On bouncing back from Purdue
  • "It was a tough loss," Meyer said.
  • It was a chance to get that bad taste out of your mouth.
  • "We've got to get some things fixed, fast."
On the team controlling its own destiny in the CFP race
  • "It is, but it's one step at a time, one play at a time."
  • "To worry about anything other than the next play..."
Balancing physical contact
  • Meyer said they do try to limit contact at this point in the season.
  • "You have to balance it, but you also have to get better."
  • "It's a fine line."
On Austin Mack's injury
  • "Great player, great leader," Meyer said of Mack.
  • That's one position we have a little depth.
  • Meyer mentioned Ben Victor and Terry McLaurin will get more reps at the X position.
  • Chris Olave will also see more reps. "He's going to get more, and he's earned it."
On the differences in the receiver positions
  • Meyer called Michael Thomas the prototypical X.
  • Meyer called Curtis Samuel and Parris Campbell the prototypical H.
  • "I think we have to perfect Zs," Meyer said, mentioning Johnnie Dixon and Terry McLaurin.
Tim Hortons coffee with the coach question from Stephanie in Geneva about Ohio State's alternate uniforms.

Meyer said they like to do them, but try to be careful about tradition.

"We are very skeptical at a place like Ohio State," Meyer said. He said he talks to alumni like Archie Griffin before approving the uniforms.

"It's great for our players and for recruiting," Meyer said.

On Blake Haubeil
  • "He's officially known as 'Kicker Two' here," Meyer joked about his name
  • "Kicker two is a great guy, really talented. My goodness, he can smash a ball."
  • "He's killing it."
  • Meyer said Haubeil hit a 60-yard field goal during practice.
  • Meyer jokingly told him he was now on scholarship after he hit the field goal, even though he already is.
On Nebraska
  • "They are in stride right now."
  • Notes they played well against Minnesota.
  • "Very good players and very good team."
  • "They quarterback makes it go." Meyer said the mobile quarterback is difficult to defend.
On personnel additions
  • Branden Bowen will be "on call," but Meyer doesn't think he'll be ready, but next week.
  • Wyatt Davis "will play this week" Meyer said.
On play in the trenches
  • "It's been very strong. That's the strength, but obviously I keep going back to the weaknesses."
  • "We're expected to be strong there, let's fix the others."

Ryan Day

On throwing 72 passes against Purdue
  • "That was a lot."
  • Day said it was dictated by the score in the fourth quarter.
  • "We obviously want a balance."
On Dwayne Haskins
  • "I think every time he's out there he's learning something new."
  • Ryan Day notes that he hasn't really played a lot of football, but he's learning quickly.
  • "Obviously his talent speaks for itself."
On Austin Mack's injury and moving receivers to different positions
  • Ryan Day said their depth helps them with Austin Mack's injury.
  • Terry McLaurin, Johnnie (Dixon) and Parris (Campbell) have all played so much football."
  • "As long as they understand things conceptually, we can move some guys around."
On Mike Weber and J.K. Dobbins
  • "Both guys would like to carry the ball a little more and be more successful"
  • They've done a great job catching the ball out of the backfield.
  • Day praised their versatility.
On Nebraska
  • Called Nebraska's defense a "well coached team."
  • "Its a very, very different defense" the past few weeks
  • Day said they give up some big plays, but they're talented.

Alex Grinch

On the bye week
  • "It's been a long two weeks"
  • Grinch said he thinks most guys would echo that sentiment.
  • Grinch said the key has been taking advantage of the time they had.
  • "It's obviously been positive, and we're looking for a different result on Saturday."
On Nebraska's offense
  • "In college football, you don't get weeks off defensively."
  • Grinch praised Nebraska's offense that he says is full of weapons.
  • "A major, major challenge again this week."
On the safeties
  • "Jordan has been a steady player for us."
  • "From a playmaking standpoint on the back end, we need to make more."
  • "We need to find the right guys next to him to allow us to play at a higher level defensively."
On the struggles at the other safety spot
  • "We're looking for someone to step up and be 'that guy'"
  • "We're really looking for someone to take advantage of the opportunities."
  • Grinch said there have been too many missed opportunities at the safety spot.
  • "50/50 balls – that means you have to win 50 percent of them."

Ohio State hosts Nebraska on Saturday. The game kicks off at noon.

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