10 Reasons to Hate TCU

By Jake Anderson on September 14, 2018 at 7:26 pm
Shawn Robinson runs against SMU
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Ohio State and Texas Christian will have an old-fashioned Texas shootout in Arlington tomorrow night. Here are some more reasons to hate the Horned Frogs.

10.) Texans are Annoying

This one is simple. 

Texans are so full of themselves that they adopted an anti-litter campaign to be their slogan for any time they want to act tough. TCU fans are no different as they talk about their great football program for a team with little-to-no history (we'll get to that later).

Besides, outside of their cities, what does Texas offer? A lot of deserts and a couple of beaches? All while baking in 100-degree heat all year? No thanks.

9.) Jake Arrieta

A TCU alumnus, Jake Arrieta is an MLB pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. In 2016, however, he was a key part of the Chicago Cubs World Series win over the Cleveland Indians.

Throughout the series, he was simply too good. Arrieta posted 15 strikeouts and a 2.38 ERA in 11 innings pitched with two wins. He ruined Cleveland’s chances of winning two professional championships in a single year and us Ohioans will never be able to forgive him.

8.) TCU has a Bad Football History

Not every school in the nation can have a great football history. The Buckeyes are one of the lucky few that do and recently won their 900th game, which is second only to Michigan.

TCU is a newer program that has had tremendous success since 2000, including 10 bowl wins. The problem? The Horned Frogs don’t have much outside of that.

Since 1960, Texas Christain only has two BCS bowl wins. Ohio State has five national championships in that same time span.

7.) TCU Beat Woody Hayes

Against TCU, Ohio State is 4-1-1. That's certainly not bad, right? 

How did that one loss and one tie come when Woody Hayes, one of the greatest football minds of all time, was coaching? Especially going against a coach named Othol Martin. 

TCU was the lone loss on an otherwise unblemished national championship team that went on a nine-game win streak to end the season. This would be Woody's second of three consensus national championships.

6.) They are in the Big 12

The Big 12 is such a hateable conference.

With past personalities including Baker Mayfield and Trevonne Boykin, it’s hard to find reasons to like the conference. Combine that with their clear inability to play defense and you’ll get high scoring affairs that can drive egos through the roof.

Continuing, the Big 12 houses one of the worst Power Five teams ever in Kansas, who has a conference record of 4-67 (!!!) since 2010. People make fun of Rutgers and Vanderbilt for being doormats in their respective conferences, but Kansas is probably worse than both of them. Speaking of which, Kansas and Rutgers will face off this week.

5.) Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton is arguably the best quarterback TCU has ever had. The signal-caller now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dalton has carved out a decent career for himself but has consistently underachieved. Most notably, he has not snapped the Bengals playoff-win drought, which is the longest in the NFL and has lasted for 27 years. With A.J. Green and a ton of other great players on both sides of the ball, its impossible not to put some of the blame on Dalton. 

4.) Their Mascot

I was not exactly sure what a horned frog was, so I googled it.

Apparently, it’s not even a frog or an amphibian. It’s a lizard. TCU can’t even get their animals right. 

The name was picked by students in the 19th century and has remained ever since. Texas apparently loves misnaming animals because the Horned Frog was named the state reptile in 1992. Horned Frogs/Lizards also shoot blood out of their eyes when defending themselves, a better defensive strategy than most of the Big 12. 

Even with its weird history and cool name, it's not a great mascot. 

There’s just too much going on here. Spikes are everywhere. I don’t even know what to say about its head, is it a triangle or a rectangle? 

Simply put, the Texas Christian Horned Frogs do not have the best mascot Ohio State will see this year.

3.) The 1936 Sugar Bowl

In 1936, TCU traveled down to New Orleans for a Sugar Bowl matchup against the Lousiana State Tigers.

The Horned Frogs had “Slingin’” Sammy Baugh at quarterback, one of the best players to ever throw a football in that era. With Sammy in the backfield, the game was expected to be an absolute barn-burner.

The game was instead a defensive showdown, something college football fans would never expect from a Big 12 team. TCU won the game 3-2, giving the Horned Frogs their first BCS Bowl win.

2.) Gary Patterson

Head coach Gary Patterson has done a fantastic job turning around TCU’s program. I have never had a reason to have any negative feelings towards him. Until now.

Earlier this week, Patterson said that a single-game against the Buckeyes is a better idea than a two-year series. In a time where strength of schedule is an integral part of deciding who gets into the college football playoff, seeing Patterson avoid tough out-of-conference opponents is infuriating.

In his comments, Patterson is saying that as long as his team goes undefeated and wins the Big 12, TCU will make the playoff. It’s not an awful strategy, but it is annoying.

As of now, TCU’s out-of-conference opponents for the 2019 season through the 2023 season includes Purdue, California twice, and Colorado twice. Ohio State’s opponents in that same span? Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, Oregon twice, and Notre Dame twice.

When TCU is competing for a playoff spot in 2022 after going undefeated, just remember that it was all part of the plan for Gary Patterson.

1.) They are still upset about the 2014 College Football Playoff

How could this not be number one?

Under any post or discussion about that 2014 season, some Horned Frogs fan can always be found saying that TCU “deserved” that final spot more than Ohio State. TCU was actually #6 in those final rankings; Baylor came in at #5, who beat them earlier in the year.

TCU fans have built up a conspiracy that the committee wanted the higher TV ratings that would have come from Ohio State instead of TCU. I guess it could have been that, or it could have been that Texas Christain was sitting at home enjoying their co-championship with Baylor, while Ohio State beat the brakes off a No.13 Wisconsin team with its third-string quarterback to win the Big Ten.

There are a number of reasons to dislike the CFP Committee; TCU’s 2014 conspiracy is not one of them.

At the end of the day, Ohio State proved the CFP Committee right by beating No. 1 Alabama and winning the National Championship over Oregon.


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