Highlights From Ohio State's 2018 Camp Check-In Day

By Kevin Harrish on August 6, 2018 at 7:00 pm
The specialists won the day.
Ohio State Dept. of Athletics

It's been a long week with a lot of uncertainty still remaining regarding Urban Meyer's future at Ohio State, but that still wasn't enough to stop one of the greatest traditions of all of college football – Ohio State's camp check-in day.

Strange or not, it's always fun and gives us a peak at the players' personalities we may not otherwise see. This year was no different. Here are some highlights.

If there's one thing Parris Campbell is, it's fast. And he seemingly took exception to an article of college football's fastest players, which did not include him on the list.

So he screenshotted the Tweet and put it on his shirt.

Then there's punter Drue Chrisman, who checked in to camp wearing a shirt that "I Love My Mormon Girlfriend" with a subtext of "(Girls, if you're reading this, you're too close.)"

Sean Nuernberger came in rocking a shirt that read "I love it when my girlfriend lets me play Fortnite," and some players arrived wearing Heelys.

Jeffrey Okudah and Haskell Garrett arrived at the same time with Garrett rocking a crispy Bel-Air Academy basketball jersey and Okudah wearing a shirt that says "Jefe Against the World."

The spelling is a bit off, but the point is made.

California-native Wyatt Davis had perhaps the troll of the day, arriving at check-in wearing an "LBJ 23" Lakers shirt.

And of course, it wouldn't be camp check-in day without Liam McCullough appearing in his iconic inception shirt, featuring himself checking into camp last year wearing a shirt that features him checking into camp the year before that, wearing a shirt that features him checking into camp as a true freshman.

Not only will this tradition live on for one more year next season as McCullough when McCullough is a redshirt senior, it will continue with his brother Roen for years to come.

And great news, McCullough's shirts from previous years have been preserved, and Johnnie Dixon arrived to camp wearing one of the masterpieces.

All in all, it was a fun, successful, light-hearted check-in day, which is probably exactly what the team hoped for.

We'll have a full gallery of photos for your viewing enjoyment later this evening.

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