Meyer's Mentions: Quarterback Takes, Debates and Big Ten Champion Buckeyes

By Jimmy Longo on December 4, 2017 at 9:35 am
Urban Meyer
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Well, it didn't happen. Wisconsin didn't get into the College Football Playoff despite an impressive resumé (lol). And neither did Ohio State. But, this guy named Joe Thomas Barrett drug around his bum knee all night and, thanks to this other guy named J'Kaylin Dobbins, Ohio State won the Big Ten. There were tweets along the way. Shall we?


There are few greater things in this world then most-likely expensive Santa ornament with college football logos on them. Question for you though, does the NCAA compensate Santa Claus for using his likeness?

Last week our boy Urbs celebrated his sixth year on the job. Bless that man.

Urban Meyer: Columbus Photographer

Old Takes Exposed

You played yourself BillyBoy — they had the athletes, the defensive line was crucial in the game plan and they won the Big Ten. They just didn't have the support of the selection committee or a win over Fresno State.

Some General Urban MEntions

In other news, I'll now be referencing blowouts in athletics with 50-piece spicy chicken nuggets from now on.

#kickedbuckyinthenuts #kerrycoombshashtags #thebuckeyeswonthebigtenandgotsnubbed

No comment, interesting Twitter name though.

Big Ten Championship

Barrett without a leg or not, if he could have played Saturday, he has earned the right over his five years at Ohio State to try and will the team to a win. Obviously — and quite fairly — people thought differently, especially given how Dwayne Haskins performed against Michigan.

And J.T. didn't play well, but still.

Personally, this is my favorite Urban Meyer mention of all fall.

"Solid" point, Tiffany.

Wrong, wrong, very wrong. (wrong) 

Also, 46-7 is a wild football score. How does that happen? Six touchdowns and two safeties. Five touchdowns, a field goal and two safeties? 

In the middle of the fourth quarter of the Big Ten Championship and Sammy Canfield wants to jump up in Urban's mentions about his follower ratio. 2017 is weird, man.


All was said and done, the lights were off and the articles were being written, and then this guy was bitter, really really bitter. 

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