Urban Meyer Coach's Show Live Thread: Scouting UNLV, Lack of Offensive Line Depth, and Demario McCall Health Update

By D.J. Byrnes on September 21, 2017 at 12:05 pm
Urban Meyer Coach's Show: UNLV

After getting back into the win column last Saturday against Army, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer took to 97.1 The Fan's airwaves Thursday to discuss all things Buckeye football with Paul Keels and Jim Lachey.

Urban Meyer says he's "doing very good" following the win over Army.

  • Teams like Army are at a talent disadvantage, but if you don't "cover your bases" you'll get embarrassed. "And when Ohio State gets embarrassed, that's a bad deal."
  • Again lauded the scout team offensive line (Wyatt Davis, Josh Myers) in preparing the defense for the triple-option look.
  • With the "trying times" going on in the world, Meyer made sure to shake Army's hands after the game. Really "thought it was awesome" when he saw the Army players salute the flag during the anthem.
  • "I gave Kerry Coombs a hard time because we only had three cornerbacks grade 'champion' against the triple option," Meyer joked. Credited DBs for eye discipline.

Meyer said noon games do alter their schedule a bit, with how late they can sleep especially. "There is more science than ever before involved in athletics, and we're right on top of it." Said he enjoys night games, but also likes the change of pace so you're not "sitting around a hotel" all day.

On how Buckeyes hydrate:

  • They're tested every day.
  • Hydration helps prevent concussions and soft tissue injuries, which is what makes Mike Weber's hamstring injury rare.
  • Thursday they make sure players are "maximized in hydration."

On Weber's health: "He's getting better and better." Noted the injury has lingered since before training camp ended.

On Demario McCall's health: "He was close [to being back] but had a little bit of a flair up" in practice yesterday. Disappointed the coaching staff as they're excited about him and "want to take a look at."

Ohio Sate freshmen linemen Thayer Munford, Wyatt Davis, and Josh Myers are "competitive guys, which we missed in some of these older guys." Noted it's not too late for some of them, but they should have more depth than they do.

Meyer wants "extreme competitors" in his players, but in his coaching staff, too. Said players will grade coaches. Graded on a 0-5 scale.

What UNLV brings to the table:

  • "Very good offensive team," but hasn't played a lot of "stiff competition."
  • "We're going to try to get guys into space, because we feel we have an advantage."
  • Primarily plays 4-3 defense. "It's harder on your offense... There's more multiplicity of where blitizens can come from."

On Tuf Borland:

  • "I love him. His family should be very proud in how they raised him."
  • Called him his "ace" on special teams.
  • "He's not a boy or a kid... he's a grown man."

Are you comfortable with linebacker depth: "I don't know if you can ever say that," but said he's happy with Justin Hilliard on the kicking game. Baron Browning and Pete Werner also drew praise." A lot of young guys to be excited about.

Andre in Indianpolis: What goes into the thought process of removing a black stripe?

  • "Multitude of variables."
  • Ryan Stamper, the player development director, watches all of it.
  • A lot of players come into college selfish, especially highly-recruited guys.
  • Wide-receiver "Jaylen Harris was lost in the weeds for awhile" but this last week of practice he's taken a great leap forward.
  • One time Meyer got so mad at a freshmen he wanted him to wear the stripe during a game.
  • "And once it's off, it never comes back, right?" Meyer: "Ehhhh.... [laughter]."

Urban Meyer told a great yarn about staying on the strip (due to "budget issues") in Las Vegas while playing UNLV as Utah head coach. He got on the hotel elevator a night before the game and an "extremely intoxicated guy" spilled beer all over him.

Noted he's lucky he didn't spend two weeks in the Nevada penitentiary because he "was ready to uncoil."

[Full replay at 971thefan.com]

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