A Look Back at J.T. Barrett's Best Touchdowns

By Jimmy Longo on September 17, 2017 at 6:46 pm
J.T. Barrett

Captain Joe Thomas Barrett has lead the Buckeyes to 107 touchdowns over the last four years. We're taking a moment to remember the best house calls.

Before we get started, I should tell you that the touchdowns have no ranking because they're up to interpretation of fans, writers and all alike. The number you see is the number of touchdown it was.

There are six listed but in no particular order, or some kind of order if you think so. We picked half a dozen touchdowns out of 107 J.T. Barrett has produced in the last four seasons. It was tough. 

Feel free to let your choices fly in the comments.

35. 11/15/14 — 86-yard td run At Minnesota, 10:14 q1

Knotted up in a scoreless ballgame in a pretty frigid environment on the road at Minnesota, Barrett would set the tone for the day with this 86-yard scamper. He'd finish with 17 carries for 189 yards and that one touchdown. Without that, where are the Buckeyes? They outlasted Minnesota in the snow, 31-24.

79. 09/17/16 —21-yard pass to noah brown at Oklahoma, 00:06, q2

Say what you want about this ball maybe being a little bit under-thrown. Six seconds left in the half and J.T. figuratively stomps on the Sooners' throats.

He got the ball out when he needed to and if Noah Brown would've dropped it Ohio State still could have kicked the field goal to go into the half up two touchdowns. Even better catch by Brown here, though Barrett effectively seals the game at this point.

33. 11/08/14 — 44-yard pass to Devin Smith at Michigan st., 00:56, q2

The second of two key late half touchdowns at Michigan State, Barrett carried Ohio State and had two passes of over 40 yards in the last four minutes of the half. They tied the game and took the lead for good. Here's an ode to a Devin Smith go route too.

89. 10/16/16 — 7-yard to Noah brown at Wisconsin, 1OT

J.T. Barrett comes up with a clutch touchdown on the road against a big opponent, again. This back shoulder fade to Noah Brown gave the Buckeyes the lead for good in Camp Randell last fall.

The throw is better than the video quality.

100. 11/26/16 — 7-yard run v. michigan, 1Ot

Curtis Samuel was the difference maker in the second overtime, but Barrett's run from seven yards out put them ahead. It was his 100th career score and it left a darker brown stain on the khakis of James Joseph Harbaugh. He knew what was coming.

107. 09/16/16 — 9-YARD PASS TO AUSTIN MACK v. Army, 7:01 Q4

I don't care if this record-breaking play was a 41-yard touch pass on a jet sweep to Parris Campbell. Yeah, he will have played four full seasons. But you have to be good to score 107 touchdowns. 

For what it's worth, Jeff Smoker played parts of four full years at Michigan State in the early 2000s. His total touchdowns? 61.

Jeff Basanez in four years of starting at Northwestern from 2002-05? 44 touchdowns. 

Even Art Schlichter only had 50 touchdowns in four years starting for the Buckeyes.

Numbers are numbers. Long live Joe Thomas Barrett.

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