NFL Training Camp Day 2: Lee, Marshall shine early; Zeke makes Cowboys debut and Bosa holdout continues

By 11W Staff on July 31, 2016 at 5:56 pm
DLee and Zeke

The buzz on Ohio State NFL rookies yesterday was centered around Jalin Marshall.

The undrafted rookie turned heads at Jets camp, but his college teammate Darron Lee wasn't one of those who was shocked:

As for the Manimal, he didn't waste much time introducing himself - and his high ceiling - to his new employer:

Meanwhile, the wearer of the NFL's hottest-selling rookie jersey took the field for America's Team:

A lot is expected from Zeke in his rookie year, especially with significant turnover on the defensive side of the ball.  The Cowboys are hoping their rushing attack keeps the defense off the field for more than half of each game, and Elliott's success is at the center of that goal.

He's still adjusting to life as a working man:

But mom isn't interested in hearing a millionaire complain about going to work:

And neither are his former teammates:

In New Orleans Michael Thomas continued to kick the door in for the Saints:

Meanwhile on the other side of the ball Vonn Bell was running with the starters:

as was Diesel:

Staying with the Bills, for the second day in a row Cardale sent a good message:

...and reminded everyone that he is still a rookie:

[E+R=O, Dolo. You can do this.]

Joey Bosa continues to be the lone holdout among Buckeye rookies and unfortunately for Chargers and Ohio State fans it does not look like the two sides are getting any closer to an agreement:

It’s about when millions of dollars switch hands from the Chargers to Bosa. He wants his entire bonus in 2016. The Chargers want to give a significant portion in the middle of next March.

To be clear, we’re talking about a difference of 2½ months – more specifically, about approximately $6.6 million being paid 2½ months later than Bosa wants it.

That dollar amount was derived based on the knowledge the Chargers’ current offer to Bosa includes a bonus payout structure similar to what the Dallas Cowboys agreed to with No.4 pick Ezekiel Elliott, who will receive approximately 61 percent ($10 million) of his $16.35 million bonus this year.

The Bosa camp wants all of his $17.01 million in ‘16. The sooner money is in hand, the sooner that money is earning more money.

  At Giants camp Eli Apple's development will impact where veteran Dominique Rogers-Cromartie lines up in the New York secondary:

Apple will go where he is told to go, though the Giants made him the No. 10 pick in the draft based on his work as a cover corner on the outside.

“He’s a young guy with a lot of talent,’’ Rodgers-Cromartie said. “You want to start off and bring him in and build confidence. If his strong point is outside, you want to be outside.’’

On one play working against Odell Beckham Jr., Apple got his hands on the elusive receiver and forced an incompletion. The rookie was not impressed.

“The only thing it means is it’s a flag, that’s what it meant,’’ Apple said. “I just got to be a little bit more disciplined with my hands, knowing I have to take ’em off. You just learn from stuff like that.’’

That was Apple’s reputation at Ohio State.

taylor decker

We'll close Day 2 with Taylor Decker, who got the spotlight treatment today from the Detroit Lions' official site:

Decker held his own in a couple of team drills. He showed terrific athleticism on one particular play where he got to the second level to seal off linebackerKyle Van Noy, and open up a lane for a running back to run up the field right behind him.

In one-on-one passing drills against the defensive line, Decker looked to be a little susceptible to the speed rush. He did well his first rep against Pro Bowl defensive end Ziggy Ansah. Ansah tried to bull rush Decker, and while he managed to push Decker back a couple yards, Decker eventually got to his anchor before the hanging pad that represents the quarterback. That rep was probably a draw.

Rookie life. Go NFL Buckeyes!

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