You Can Buy James Laurinaitis' Missouri Mansion for $2.3 Million

By D.J. Byrnes on February 2, 2016 at 2:01 pm
James Laurinaitis for sale.

When professional teams move cities, much ado is made about the fans in either city, but you don't hear as much about the impact on players' lives.

Consider former Buckeye star James Laurinaitis and his wife, Shelley. They bought their humble Missouri mansion—furniture and all—in 2012 as a "forever home." 

Rams owner Stan Kroenke, however, had a dream After leveraging $8 billion and the weight of a crooked cartel against St. Louis this past winter, Kroenke successfully forced his mediocre football franchise onto the good people of Los Angeles.

This means Laurinaitises no longer need their six-bedroom, certified green home complete with pool and saltwater hot tub, outdoor kitchen, 700-bottle wine cellar and media room.

For the traditional Laurinaitis/OSU fan.
The blanket ties everything together.

The only draw back? Creve Coeur—population 17,000—doesn't appear to be a bustling metropolis, though it's only a 21-minute commute to St. Louis.

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