Urban Meyer Lightly Booed at All-Star Weekend Softball Game in Cincinnati

By Nicholas Jervey on July 12, 2015 at 7:04 pm
Urban Meyer's just chilling out.

Major League Baseball's All-Star game is in Cincinnati this year, and Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer was part of the festivities. Some UC fans weren't too happy about that.

One of the activities for All-Star Sunday was the Legends & Celebrity Softball Game, in which Meyer took part. Although Reds icons like Sean Casey, Eric Davis, and Aaron Boone were present, Meyer has a Queen City connection of his own – he graduated from the University of Cincinnati and started his coaching career at St. Xavier High School.

While Meyer is enormously popular in all of Ohio, some fans booed him as he came on the field, no doubt Bearcats fans who remembered the 50-28 beating the Buckeyes laid on Cincinnati last fall. Inferiority complexes are ugly things.

Despite that unpleasantness, Meyer received a warm welcome before the game, and the crowd eventually settled down.

Though the game is still in progress, Urban Meyer started strong: he singled in his first appearance at the plate and got another hit on a deep shot to left-center field. Perhaps sharing a locker with Snoop Dogg inspired him to excel?

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