Duke's Jack Willoughby to Finish Collegiate Kicking Career at Ohio State

By D.J. Byrnes on April 16, 2015 at 11:10 am
Jack Willoughby at Duke

According to Ethan Andrzejewski of DukeChronicle.com, Jack Willoughby, who was Duke's kickoff specialist in 2014, is set to finish his career at Ohio State as a graduate transfer. Given Ohio State's precarious scholarship situation, it's assumed Willoughby will be a preferred walk-on.

According to CFBStats.com, the New Jerseyan appeared in 13 games last season. 28 of his 73 kickoffs went for touchbacks (38.36%). More importantly for OSU fans, none of Willoughby's kicks went out of bounds. (It should be noted, however, I didn't watch enough Duke football last year to discern if Duke angles its kickoffs like Ohio State's.)

By comparison, 33% of Kyle Clinton's 117 kickoffs went for touchbacks last year. He kicked seven balls out of bounds. 

Willoughby, to his credit, looks up for the competition. Here he is to Andrzejewski:

“Ohio State had a senior kickoff specialist last year, who graduated. He was great for them and has left big shoes that I’m excited to try to fill,” Willoughby said. “They also have a talented young field goal kicker who was a true freshman last year and will be back for his sophomore year. But I know that Ohio State is very committed to winning and to putting the best players on the field, so I know that I’ll get a fair chance to compete to kick field goals. If I’m that best player, then I’ll play and if I’m not, then I won’t play. That’s all I can ask for.”

 That's all any of us can ask for, really.

A school spokesman told Eleven Warriors he was "not aware if this kicker is coming to Ohio State," but it appears Willoughby is on his way to Columbus.

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