Chase Complete: Giving Out Awards for the 2014-15 Season

By Patrick Maks on February 19, 2015 at 2:15 pm
J.T. Barrett, Cardale Jones, Braxton Miller, Joey Bosa.
Chase Complete: Recapping Ohio State's Improbable Title Run

Last month, Ohio State defied the odds to capture the first-ever College Football Playoff National Championship. In the process, the Buckeyes put together one of the most memorable seasons perhaps in school history. 

As such, we've come up with a fine list of superlative awards ranging from the best rushing performance of the year to those with a much more personal touch. 

Below is a smattering of those honors. Enjoy.

The El Guapo 11W Nickname of the Year Award: "Dolodale"

According to his roommate, Cardale Jones is a man of many nicknames: 12, 12 Gauge, and Airdale are just a few examples. But Dolodale (whatever that means) just rolls off the tongue better than any of them. And for the record, Powell's nickname for Pat Elflein, "Fat Pat," is a pretty good choice for honorable mention. 

Give the Ball to Hyde Award (best running outing of year): Ezekiel Elliott’s obliteration of Oregon in the National Championship Game.

Elliott ran for a career-high 246 yards and four touchdowns on 36 carries against the Ducks. The performance, the final encore of a strong postseason showing, has made the sophomore running back a preseason Heisman Trophy favorite. 

The Slob of the Year Award: Taylor Decker

Considering the transformation Ohio State's offensive line made throughout the course of the season, It's hard to single any particular member out. Yet out of "The Slobs," the unit's self-prescribed nickname, Decker stands out as the leader  

The Anthony Schlegel Award: Anthony Schlegel

This is duly awarded to Anthony Schlegel, the assistant strength and conditioning coach and former linebacker, for his takedown of a student who decided to rush the field all by himself during Ohio State’s game against Cincinnati in September.

Here's a video of it, courtesy of Lantern TV

The Golden Buckeye Award (top senior): Michael Bennett 

On the field, Bennett emerged as one of Ohio State's best defensive linemen. In the locker room, he became one of the team's biggest leaders. On Twitter, he became a fan favorite that won't be soon forgotten. 

The Shruggie Award (best Joey Bosa play): Bosa's walk-off sack against Penn State

In his sophomore season, Bosa became a sort of human-highlight reel as far as defensive linemen go. Above all, however, his sack of Christian Hackenberg to seal a double-overtime win against the Nittany Lions stands out above the rest. In a way, it was a microcosm of the kind of play that earned Bosa unanimous All-American honors. 

The King of 140 (Tweeter of the Year): Michael Bennett

With so many candidates (looking at you Cardale Jones, Tyvis Powell, Darron Lee and Joey Bosa), this one was hard. But I think Michael Bennett's Twitter account (@mike63bennett) was the best combination of thoughtfulness and entertainment. 

The Kenny Guiton Golden Bench of Excellence (best backup on the team): J.T. Barrett and Cardale Jones

There's no way you were getting us to choose one or the other. Barrett and Jones put together legendary performances as far as backup-to-starter stories go. One might say they went 0-100 real quick.

The "DAMMIT TYVIS” Award: Tyvis Powell

Powell, who's arguably the most entertaining member of the Buckeyes, had one of his more memorable moments at the end of the Sugar Bowl. After intercepting Alabama quarterback Blake Sims' last-second Hail Mary pass, Powell, instead of taking a knee and ending the game, tried to return the ball for a touchdown. In the process, he was nearly tackled by his teammates. After the contest, Powell clung onto the game ball like it was a newborn child.

My Two Dads Award: Cardale Jones and Tyvis Powell

Jones and Powell have the kind of banter that's worthy of their own reality TV show. Here's why: 

The Eleven Warriors-Aware Award: Pat Elflein 

Let's show some love to Pat Elfein, who is perhaps the biggest Eleven Warriors savant on the team. Whether it's his Twitter pictures or tweets themselves, Elflein appears to be #Team11W. 

The Biggest Nut Award: Kerry Coombs for his choice of short sleeves at Minnesota


In what's the coldest game in the history of TCF Bank Stadium, you could find Kerry Coombs, Ohio State's fiery and loud cornerbacks coach, wearing nothing but a polo. No sleeves. No jacket. It was around 20 degrees, windy and snowing. Bravo, sir. You are a better man than me. 

The Omar Little Award: Darron Lee 

Lee became one of Ohio State's biggest playmakers and, in the process, became somewhat of his own brand (call it confident or cocky if you want to). He also gave some of the best/most candid interviews in recent memory. Typically, they were characterized by brutally honest assessments. 

The FWIW FYI Awards: Hottest (And Wrong) Media #Take of the Year

We leave you with this.

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