VIDEO: Tyvis Powell is Full of Energy, Jokes and Stories in New Orleans

By Patrick Maks on December 30, 2014 at 1:52 pm

NEW ORLEANS — Ohio State safety Tyvis Powell said he tried drinking coffee once, but didn't like it too much. 

"It's the worst thing I ever tasted," he said. "I feel like I'm my own caffeine."

And then some.

Powell, who's seemingly destined for a career as a movie star or comedian someday, is perhaps the Buckeyes' most-entertaining player. Here's six minutes of footage from the Sugar Bowl's Media Day Tuesday morning to prove it.

The following snippets don't do the video justice (so you should watch it), but to give you an idea:

  • Powell said he hasn't taken his Big Ten Championship hat off much since winning the title earlier this month: "The only thing I cared about after the game was the hats. I worked hard for the hats. Since I got the hat finally, I might not ever take it off. Maybe if we win the Sugar Bowl I will ... get a new hat."
  • Powell on why he's always bouncing off walls: "I don't know! I have a problem. I really don't know what my problem is, I'm just full of energy, you know? When people wake up early in the morning and they're like 'I don't wanna be up' I'm not like that. I wake up  going. My feet hit the ground and it's time to go. We've got business to take care of and I'm ready to take the business taken care of if we can get this win and get back to Columbus. I love New Orleans but I love Columbus. And I want to go back to Columbus."
  • More Powell, being introspective: "Something if seriously wrong with me. It's sickening. One of these days, I'ma get serious about life."
  • Mornings with roommate and starting quarterback Cardale Jones involve Powell blasting music.
  • Powell's nicknames for starting guard Pat Elflein are "Fat Pat" and "Fat Elflein"
  • Powell said Jones was the type of person who was like, 'I ain't playing in the game, so what I need to know' before becoming the starter.
  • Powell said he recently played Jones in the video game NBA 2K15: "Whooped him. Whooped him. Whooped him. And you can ask him ... beat him by 21. Sure did." 
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