Drive-Thru: The 2014 Big Ten Championship Game

By Vico on December 11, 2014 at 1:30 pm

Ohio State's win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game will be a game Ohio State fans cherish for a while. It's also the kind of game Ohio State fans will want to watch over and over again before the Sugar Bowl matchup with Alabama.

However, few, if any, fans would want to relive the game with the all commercials and the filler that comprise a standard college football telecast. In fact, Ohio State's third drive of the game, which resulted in Ezekiel Elliott's 81-yard touchdown run, had as many, if not more, commercial breaks as plays.

This 16-minute video captures only the action and all the big plays that went into Ohio State's 59-0 demolition of Wisconsin. Enjoy!

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