Shitty People Are Tweeting Shitty Things to Jalin Marshall

By D.J. Byrnes on November 15, 2014 at 3:51 pm

Ohio State dropped a ranked foe on the road in Minnesota today, 31-24, but Jalin Marshall, filling in for the fallen Dontre Wilson, had an up-and-down day.

Although Marshall finished with five receptions for 95 yards (including a 57 yard touchdown bolt) and 12 yards on one carry, the Middletown burner coughed up the magic diamond three times for two turnovers. One lost fumble occurred in what would've otherwise been an Ohio State touchdown. The other lost fumble occurred on a muffed punt (Marshall's second of the day).

Because the turnovers were undeniably a factor in the game — a game that Ohio State still won, mind you — "people" took to Twitter to shame a young man who puts his body on the line for the University (and our entertainment) on a weekly basis.

Trigger warning: Bad words and even worse #takes ahead.

There were some rays of light, however:

Jalin Marshall is getting slandered in a game he dropped over 100 total yards and a touchdown. Urban has done nothing but rave about Jalin Marshall and his renewed efforts in practice this year. 

I thought it was obvious, but mistakes are the mark of a young player, and anybody who doesn't see the potential in Jalin Marshall should take a deep breath. 

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