AJ Hawk Destroys a Bro at a Charity Golf Outing

By D.J. Byrnes on July 18, 2014 at 11:58 am

How drunk do you have to be to request AJ Hawk to spear you during a charity golfing event? I don't know, but this random bro at the American Century celebrity golf tournament was on that level.

The best part is, AJ Hawk apparently has a history of destroying people at golf outings. Here, via 11Wer, KingBuckeye419, is Hawk demolishing some dude in a pick-up football game at a charity event in Youngstown in 2012.

Here's Hawk's explination, from NFL.com's Ian Rapaport, via Bleacher Report:

It was a charity golf event up in Youngstown and at the end, they have a dinner and auction and stuff. The guy that was running the auction, I knew him, and he wanted to raise some more money. So that was his auction item [the touch football game]. He paid good money to have [it]. ... Troy Smith threw the ball to him. Then I tackled him into the water. The dude paid — the guy's name is Bill — he paid good money to have that happen. ... The only thing I regret is...I wish I would've wrapped him up and tackled him into the water. That would've been awesome.

TIL: People will pay for the right to be destroyed by AJ Hawk.

Of course — of course — AJ's only regret, however, is not wrapping up. Jim Tressel would be proud.

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