A Hero is Uploading Ohio State Football Games to YouTube

By Jason Priestas on June 14, 2014 at 2:50 pm

While most of us are just sitting around patiently waiting the 77 more days before the start of Ohio State football, one heroic YouTube user is almost willing the season here faster.

Beginning in April, a user going by tornadomanatwork has began uploading what's now become more than 80 Buckeye football games, including recent performances and many, many deep cuts.

The upset of No. 1 Iowa in 1985, the 1987 Cotton Bowl against Texas A&M, Oklahoma in 1977, Notre Dame '95, Keith Byars running over – and losing a shoe – against Illinois in 1984, and even that time the Buckeyes handed Mark May's Pitt Panthers their worst loss in school history. All uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

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