Video: Meyer, Warinner, Players Speak at Ohio State's Spring Football Kickoff Luncheon

By Jason Priestas on April 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm

Urban Meyer spoke to boosters at Ohio State's spring football kickoff luncheon today at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, entertaining the crowd with Lou Holtz and Earle Bruce jokes while providing updates on where he sees his team heading into the season.

The event will be remembered for offensive line coach Ed Warinner dropping bombs on Brady Hoke and Michigan, but Meyer had his moments as well.

Like the time Holtz came strong for Team Dog.

“So 24-straight and we hit a speed bump. I get a phone call from Lou Holtz on Monday morning – true story. He says, ‘How's it going?’ And I said, ‘What's happening?’ He said, ‘I'm just checking on you to make sure you're alright.’ I said, ‘I'm not doing very good. A combination of crushed, pissed, anxious to get going and move on and get back on that winning streak.’

“And he said, ‘Well, how's Shelley and the kids?’ I said, ‘Shelley's fine. She's my best friend and she's doing great.’ And he goes, ‘She's not your best friend.’ I said, ‘Yeah, she's my best friend. She's doing fine.’ He said, ‘She's not your best friend. Your dog's your best friend.’ I go, ‘No, Shelley's my best friend.’ So he says, ‘Here's what you do. Take your dog, take Shelley and go lock them in the trunk for two hours and then go out and see who's happy to see you.’”

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