Ohio State Didn't Misspell 'Deliver' in Fake Recruiting Photo They Didn't Send to Mike Weber

By D.J. Byrnes on May 28, 2014 at 9:02 am

UPDATE: Weber is sticking to his guns.

The "coach on the Ohio State staff" would appear to be Stan Drayton, as he's the only coach other than Urban Meyer that Weber follows.

So, there are three scenarios: 1) Stan Drayton is moonlighting as a graphics designer. 2) They're now sending out work lacking all the hallmarks of Sammy Silverman's other work. 3) Weber is fibbing to save himself some embarrassment. 

Really makes ya think, huh? In other news, I hate the off-season.

Last week, Michigan made headlines in their recruitment of Cass Tech's four-star running back, Mike Weber. Unfortunately for the men in the Sun and Blue, it was for the wrong reasons.

Yes, it must be assumed Michigan's graphic designer meant "All-American" as opposed to "All-Amercian." (As Marcus Hartman wryly noted, Ohio State already beat them to this typo in 2006.)  

As somebody who bangs a lot of words into the internet on a daily basis, I am not fazed by typos. Obviously, there weren't many words to look over in Michigan's graphic (does Photoshop even have spellcheck?), but whatever. It's not the end of the world. I am a human too, after all.

But judging by the work of Ohio State's graphic designer, Sammy Silverman, he is not a human. I wouldn't be surprised if that dude has never made a typo in his life, or if it were revealed he was a demigod straight out of Greek mythology.

So naturally, when this showed up on Twitter, I was a bit skeptical it was from the agarwood desk of Silverman:

It doesn't pass the eye test. Secondly, Sammy is more original than the whole "putting a recruit on a national magazine" gimmick. (That's why he works for Ohio State and not Michigan.) 

Yet, The Detroit Free Press ran an article on "Ohio State's" goof. So did Fox Sports. MGoBlog posters had a hard time containing their glee as well. Hell, even Mike Weber was duped.

Thankfully, Birm — a man who is paid to know things — put the dagger in the heart of the hoax last night:

These things happen from time to time on the internet, and while typos on images sent to recruits are a trivial matter, impugning the good name and works of Sammy Silverman is not.

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