11W Community Interview: Perry, Ohio Four-Star Tight End Luke Farrell

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 2, 2015 at 11:15 am
Luke Farrell is the latest Ohio State commitment.

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

His commitment to Ohio State took a bit longer than anticipated, but Perry, Ohio's Luke Farrell made the call and verbally committed to the Buckeyes during this year's Friday Night Lights.

The country's 5th-ranked tight end is a 6-foot-6, 240-pound athlete that caught the eyes of the Ohio State coaching staff over a year ago because of his natural athleticism and college-ready size. 

Farrell, who chose the Buckeyes over Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Boston College and others, joins Eleven Warriors for this week's community interview.

You hinted that you were committed to Ohio State for a while before making your decision public. How long and why did you wait?PotatoDigger

LF: I have been committed to Ohio State since mid-June. I decided to wait until FNL for a couple of reasons. Throughout my process I always said I wanted to wait until towards the end of summer, but also, I thought it would be the perfect time to make it official while I was in the stadium.

Tell us about the moment where you knew 100-percent that you were committed to Ohio State?Seattle Linga

LF: I knew 100-percent I wanted to commit a couple days after I made my visits to Michigan State and Notre Dame. I sat down with my coach and went through the key things I wanted to look at for school. I had all the information I needed and knew that Ohio State is where I want to be.

Without mentioning names, what is the weirdest/most odd thing a coach has said or done while recruiting you?YTownBuckI

LF: The oddest thing a coach has done was go to my girlfriend's high school to recruit her for me. He showed up during her lunch block to talk to her. You can guess which team that was.

How close are you with Jake Hausmann?  Did him committing early ever make you reconsider Ohio State as a top choice?  Have you always been interested in becoming the next great tight end duo, á la Heuerman and Vannett?KansasBuckeye

LF: I've gotten to know Jake throughout the recruiting process from seeing him at different visits. After I committed at FNL we got to talk a lot more and we get along well. Having him committed there didn't make me reconsider and now I'm excited to have the Heuerman/ Vannett type of duo with Jake and I. We want to make Ohio State "Tight End U." 

What were some points other teams use to recruit against Ohio state and how difficult is it to see through all the glamour schools put on for recruits?  – GoBucks544

The oddest thing a coach has done was go to my girlfriend's high school to recruit her for me. He showed up during her lunch block to talk to her. You can guess which team that was.

LF: Some other schools use the education aspect to recruit against Ohio State, as well as showing off new facilities and their philosophy on coaching. However, I feel that I can get an excellent education at Ohio State, and be very successful as a tight end as well. I was able to see past the hype of all the schools I visited and felt that the (Buckeye) coaches were honest with me.

What do you plan on majoring in during college, and what do you see yourself becoming after your college football career comes to an end?WezBuck28

LF: I plan on majoring in exercise science and going into physical therapy. Depending on my potential to play professionally, I can also see myself being a physical therapist and helping other athletes get healthy again.

Do you read articles on yourself, or pay attention to all the hype surrounding recruiting - yours or others?  Some kids seem to pay close attention while others seem to totally disassociate themselves from the whole ordeal.Neo

LF: I do read some of the articles about me. It interests me to see what is said but I don't allow it to change my thoughts. I also like to see how Ohio State is doing with recruiting other players.

What Tight End, college or pro, do you try to model your game after?  Why did you choose that person? UniotoTank55

LF: I've been told I'm a similar type of tight end as Nick Vannett. I'd like to have the ability he has; to be an all-around tight end. He does well in the blocking game along with being athletic and running good routes.

Would you red shirt if asked, or is the plan to start as a true freshmen?KingBuck12

LF: I would do whatever is best for the team. With their tight end depth as it is, I don't think both Jake and I will redshirt. Playing as a true freshman would be awesome.

Chiptole or Qdoba?InTressITrust

LF: I've never been to Qdoba, so I'd have to say Chipotle.

It is definitely a relief to have a decision made and I am very happy to be a Buckeye. I'm going to continue to work throughout the season and after to keep improving as a tight end and as a student. I can't wait to be out there in The 'Shoe with all that support from Buckeye Nation. O-H!

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