Campus Connection: Club Water Polo Predicts Indiana Battle

By David Wertheim on August 29, 2017 at 7:25 pm
The Ohio State Men's Club Water Polo Team
OSU Rec Sports

Welcome to Campus Connection, the only place where you will hear the Ohio State Pottery Club and Chess Team talk about #sports.

Just two more days separate us from the local team's season opener against Indiana, so, as I'm sure you are already tired of the analysis of beat writers, television personalities and the like, why not hear from some other fans, like yourselves?

Throughout the weekly duration of this piece, we will look at clubs and teams outside of the greater sphere of Ohio State football to give their predictions on the game.

This week, a few freshman members of the club water polo team have graciously agreed to be interviewed as to their thoughts on the Buckeyes upcoming clash with the Hoosiers. 

The premise of this piece is pretty simple: I will ask five questions every week: Who will win, by how much, why they will win, and who is the MVP, plus a wild card question each time. 

who will win?

  • Freshman David Greenberger: Ohio State, of course. They haven't lost to Indiana in what, 20 years? 
  • Freshman Matthew Schuetz: I'm not a "huge football guy," but I'm excited to see the Bucks win in my first ever game as a student.
  • Freshman Kevin BerghoffIf Dave picks the Buckeyes, I'm picking the Buckeyes.

By How much?

  • Greenberger: 20 points. 41-21.
  • Schuetz: I'll say 21 then. 42-21. Not much difference there, but since 42 seems to be the lucky number for Ohio State football, I think the Buckeyes will hit it once again.
  • Berghoff: 32 points. Final score is 34-2. Indiana blocks an extra point and runs it back for their only score of the game.

Why will they win?

  • Greenberger: Kevin Wilson is going to unleash his guys for this one. I'm excited to see what new wrinkles he has created for that offense.
  • Schuetz: It's Indiana, man. Come on now. Hopefully this doesn't come back to bite me.
  • Berghoff: At water polo, they teach us how to tread water for long periods of time. Hopefully, they teach the football team similar endurance tips and tricks. As long as the team hydrates correctly, they've got this one in the bag.

Just for reference, it appears the strength program at Ohio State is working well, shown by freshman quarterback Tate Martell.


  • Greenberger: I think J.T. Barrett will have a big game in an effort to prove all of the doubters wrong. If not, then OSU will really need the defense to help bail him out.
  • Schuetz: I agree. It'll be Barrett. He is going to throw for over 300 yards and four touchdowns. 
  • Berghoff: Michael Jordan. A good left guard means everything to the success of a team. And he's got a successful name, so we should be good.

Wild card: What is a hoosier?

  • Greenberger: No clue. A person from Indiana, I think.
  • Schuetz: You know, I read this the other day. It actually comes from some poem in the 1800's.
  • Berghoff: A type of cake?

To sum it up, the men's club water polo team strongly believes in the local team's chances on Thursday night. If the Buckeyes somehow falter, we know why. 

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