Confessions, Volume II

By Jason Priestas on June 18, 2014 at 2:40 pm

Today is one of our favorite days of the year. You see, every [picks random date in June], we open the confessional here at Eleven Warriors and invite you to spill your sins, real or perceived, against Ohio State athletics.

My sins include despising the OH–IO cheer that fans shout in passing (the O-H-I-O stadium chant is perfect, however), secretly appreciating the winged helmet worn by Michigan, and feeling great shame over a few of the vocal idiots we seem to have in college football's largest fanbase.

Oh, I also think E. Gordon Gee was good for Ohio State, but overrated just the same.

See? I'm feeling better already.

I asked some of the other members of the staff to step into the confessional and here's what they had to say.

Jeff Beck
  • I'd be okay with Ohio State wearing the shiny alt-helmets with green Buckeye leaves for every game.
  • I think Brady Hoke calling Ohio State "Ohio" bothers people more than they let on. (Fortunately, this will probably be his only meaningful impact on The Game.)
  • I loved Michael Thomas' Twitter rant and want more of that from Ohio State receivers.
Jeremy Birmingham
  • I think Ohio Stadium is a morgue for noon games and we should feel great shame for that.
  • I believe losing Mike Vrabel has had a much more negative effect on recruiting than anyone could have imagined.
  • I think “Hail To The Victors” is a pretty kick-ass fight song.
John Brandon
  • I like Wisconsin and Penn State because of their new coaches.
  • I picked Dayton over Ohio State in my bracket.
  • Whenever I wore a jersey last year, that player got hurt. First Miller (SDSU), then Bryant (Wisconsin).
Johnny Ginter
  • There are several photos of me in elementary school rocking Michigan sweaters because 90% of my wardrobe was hand-me-downs.
  • I think Jim Tressel was heading towards a downturn in wins and wasn't a great recruiter.
  • The offseason is only slightly worse than sitting through four or five crappy games to start the season.
Nicholas Jervey
  • I don't think Ohio State deserved a shot in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl. Boise State was more deserving.
  • I'm embarrassed that we claim the 2005 and 2008 Big Ten titles. Penn State beat us head-to-head both times.
  • I've never been to a spring game.
Kyle Jones
  • Maybe it's due to living outside Columbus for the past seven years, but I actually enjoy going to big away games more than going back to the Shoe.
  • I watched just as many snaps of Hokeball last year as I did the Buckeyes (all of them). Did I mention that I'm engaged to a Wolverine?
  • I have never actually eaten the pasta at Mama's Pasta & Brew.
Chris Lauderback
  • I thought Maurice Clarett was a lock for two Heismans after just four games.
  • "Hail to the Victors" is second only to "The Buckeye Battle Cry" in my book.
  • I think Aaron Craft was incredibly overrated and limited the offensive potential of his team.
Ramzy Nasrallah
  • I don't like message boards, especially Ohio State ones. Seeing words like scUM, Missagain, Noter Dumb and replacing the S with a $ in any school's initials makes my eyes roll back in my head far enough to see where my mullet would be if I was dopey enough to call Ohio State's opponents such mildly condescending and uncreative names.
  • I'd trade an Ohio State Final Four trip for a November win in Ann Arbor without even thinking about it.
  • I love Bo Schembechler. Had any school in the country but Michigan hired him away from Miami he would have left Minnesota or whatever to succeed Woody Hayes. There would have been no Ten-Year War. He should have come home.
  • I hate our fans. Can I say that? Ohio State fans congratulate themselves for being "the best damn fans in the land" but arrive late and leave early to beat the traffic.
  • I think Ohio State football keeps rebranding itself into something unrecognizable or, for me, unenjoyable. The more Ohio State football goes with pro combat uniforms to attract recruits with bright shiny things, the more my fandom dies a little.
  • I'm not against leaving the Big Ten. There are several good reasons not to want this (i.e. $$$), but I feel no special attachment to the conference anymore. The conference has fallen so far in love with mediocrity that it may be beyond redemption. I hate Ohio State being associated with that.
Jordan Wagner
  • I'm a student and I've never attended an Ohio State basketball game. The atmosphere is too meh.
  • I've never watched a pre-Tressel Ohio State game. /shame
  • I don't really have a problem with Gene Smith and think he's a good athletic director.
Mike Young
  • The Schott is far from perfect, but I hate watching games in St. John Arena.
  • I did not watch a single snap of the 2012 Gator Bowl.
  • I'm jealous of a head coach that can quote rap lyrics in a post-game interview. Even if it happens right after beating Ohio State in the B1G championship.

    What about you? Step into the confessional and cleanse your soul.

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