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Kevin Harrish - The Man, The Myth, The Prophet

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January 2, 2021 at 9:06am

I've been a member here for over 9 years and enjoy the articles on a daily basis. Rarely do I comment or post, and I'm very hesitant about posting this, but I just can't help the need to say something about the swagger that each of us were able to witness yesterday.

Kevin Harrish busted through the doors and confidently strutted down the aisle like Vince McMahan on his way to dismantle whoever the poor soul that would be climbing into the ring with him. The Skully was prophetic perfection. My man stepped up to the plate, adjusted his ball cap and confidently pointed to the left field wall. Dabo was put on notice, questionable Buckeye fans were called out and 4 of 4 games were picked correctly. The last time I had been this impressed by a Skull Session was when Taylor Lehman made the mistake of pissing Mr. Harrish off and subsequently getting his nose put in the corner like the disobedient child he was being.

Then the game happened. Like a prize fighter that just stepped out of the ring after a first round knockout, Kevin "Mad Dog" Harrish snatches the mic out of the reporters hand and proceeds to taunt everyone who doubted him. The articles published late yesterday were just gold.

Look, I know this probably is a little over the top and some of you who read this will roll your eyes and think "this guys just trying to get some attention". That's not what I'm after at all. I just think that real Buckeyes
need to be acknowledged and that those of us who are privileged enough to enjoy the free content, let them know we appreciate it. So, thank you Kevin. You made yesterday even better!

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