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Question: Why Can't We View the Details of Who Upvoted or Downvoted?

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August 12, 2020 at 9:48am

I'm sure this has been a question/suggestion mentioned before, I've searched (perhaps not well enough) and couldn't find a thread or an answer. 

I've always wondered why some comments were receiving downvotes (or even upvotes at times). For instance, I saw someone say something as simple as "Good luck, Go Bucks!"  and it received a downvote which makes zero sense as to why that would warrant a downvote from someone..

Allowing us the option to see a list of who upvoted and downvoted a particular comment or thread could provide a few different elements to forums, in my opinion.

It would keep people from being problematic, as it would allow everyone else to see if someone is downvoting simply to be a troll. Essentially this would introduce honest voting and perhaps a more respectful atmosphere or interaction between users. 

In addition to seeing if someone is being a troll, I believe this could potentially weed out any possible "downvote accounts" made by someone who isn't even a Buckeye fan and came here simply to be as disruptive as they can be in the comment section or for the honest users.

Also, allowing this option could provide further perspective into who agrees with an opinion that is stated. 

This isn't really at all about "holding people accountable so I don't get downvoted and lose helmet stickers" in the sense of being a point-fiend. But I can see how it could potentially be problematic for newcomers who are trying to avoid negative points. (Of course this could be avoided by simply not making any poor statements or threads, but that is entirely subjective.)

This option could be displayed via a "?" or a "!" button just below the upvote/downvote arrows. 

(I imagine that each account is tied to either an index key or primary user key which could be tied to another table that details those keys as a foreign key for a respective comment and a field that depicts either an upvote or a downvote. If this is true, then it would be fairly easy to make a redirect page or popup box that shows the upvote/downvote details of a particular comment made in any thread.)

As mentioned, I can see this being a suggestion that has already been mentioned and if it has then its clear that it didn't receive much interest to be acted upon to the degree that would introduce it to the website - simply curious where admins and users stand on something like this. 

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