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Let's get meta.

No, I Am Not Dead.

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February 9, 2019 at 4:59am

I realize that could be the immediate thought when no Skull Session pops up on the front page in the morning. And generally that would be a good indicator, because death is usually the only thing that could keep me from posting about the Bucks, and that may not even hold me back.

But rest assured, I am still alive, and I did not forget to write or schedule the Skull Session. We will just be putting the Saturday Skull Session on hiatus during the offseason. I'm sure there will be exceptions (you can be damn sure we'll have a spring game Skull Session), but for the most part your weekend's will be Skully-free.

I feel bad that I didn't give you folks some warning, so in lieu of a full Skull Session, I'll give you some content to hold you till Monday.

Hey, Stephen A. Smith sucks.

Yes, the individual who broke nearly every Big Ten passing record who I've repeatedly said resembles C-3PO when he runs is more of a runner than a thrower.

Stephen A. just told on himself for never watching Haskins play a single game, even more than the fellow who told on himself for never watching J.T. Barrett play when he suggested that J.T. Barrett "has the athleticism to fit in as an NFL wide receiver."

Advise from the fellow who said his favorite Ohio Stadium night game memory was the 2014 Virginia Tech game: when you say dumb things on television, you don't double down on Twitter later. Just admit you're wrong and move on. But y'all know Stephen A. Smith isn't capable of being wrong.

I know he's just trying to save face here, but he's doing it wrong. See, if he just admits he's never seen him play, he looks negligent but not bad at his job. By saying he has seen him play, and this is the conclusion he's drawn, well, then it's something like this:

The good news is, he got proper roasted by everyone, including like, the entire Ohio State roster.

And of course, Dwayne had the perfect response:

In other news, I don't think the Bucks really have a shot with Nick Sarkel anymore now that Justin Fields is eligible, but this is a great, entertaining interview regardless.

Highlights include:

  • 16:26 Discussion of the portal and what it’s like to be a grad transfer.
  • 18:23 The process of entering the transfer portal.
  • 19:22 Says Yurcich was the first guy to hit him up when he entered the portal and a discussion of Fields at OSU, implying he’d be the guy if Fields didn't get his waiver. He also jokes that some schools “left me on read,” ghosting his contact.
  • 26:55 He goes into the Tate Martell "ass my dude" story.

He's not going to be a Buckeye, but it's worth the watch.

And of course, here are your links:

The battle for the future of Stonehenge... Why Swedes are chiller parents than Americans... Kurt Cobain's daughter feels guilty over her $100,000 monthly inheritance... A scientist studies our need to believe in aliens... Study disproves a common myth about hangovers...

Happy Saturday, y'all. I'll be around, I'm on duty this weekend.

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