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Let's get meta.

A huge and humble thank you to my fellow 11w'ers.

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September 6, 2017 at 10:45am

Today is kind of an awesome day for me in terms of my 11w membership/fandom. Today, with a grand total of 19,732 helmet stickers I find myself as the last spot on the leaderboard for the first time since joining this site a long time ago.

I just want to thank all of you, my extended Buckeye family, for allowing me to join in, and be a part of something so awesome, and so positive (for the most part) that reflects so greatly on a team that we all know and love.

Thank you to the staff for making this a site I want to frequent, and thank you to the mods for keeping all of us posters in line, and on topic.

I decided several months ago that I wanted to try and make a push to get myself on the leaderboard.  I think at the time I was sitting at somewhere around 9-10,000 helmet stickers, and the leaderboard was sitting at around 14-15k to get you on there.  Well, then my son was born, and I was away, and out of the loop for several weeks, and in that time the total went up to over 17k, and since then has climbed to over 19k. 

The turning point was this post from December:

The infamous "they cheap-shotted us" claim from Landon Collins, where if you see the first comment, I lamented that he's a whiny little baby that got ran over by 12 gauge, and he needs to get over it. I garnered around 500 total helmet stickers from that post and the subsequent banter that followed. 

When I decided to try and make a push for the leaderboard I told myself I wouldn't cheat.  I wasn't going to create fake accounts, or just post random garbage, and one word/sentence answers.  I wanted my posts to mean something, even if they only meant something to me.  I wanted to be a part of what makes 11w great, and add to the conversation, and continue to express my love and care for all things Ohio State.

In conclusion, again, thank you to all of you.  I know making the leaderboard doesn't seem like a big deal, but I really do care about 11 warriors, and I enjoy trading posts back and forth with all of you.  I hope that my status on the leaderboard is seen as earned by all of you, and I hope to continue to be a positive part of what makes Buckeye Nation so great.


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